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‘You Don’t Know My Wife’

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‘You Don’t Know My Wife’

by Merrie Chapman

I am a woman of God who has been shown time and time again the awesome love of God through many trials and tribulations.

He saw my husband and I through 8 1/2 years of infertility.  He blessed us with beautiful twin sons and now He carries us through the challenges of parenthood.  Our boys are now 17, taller than their Mom and Dad and, yes, they are driving.

When my husband first joined our local fire department as a volunteer, God used me to help train him.  When Allen had served the department approximately 6 months he finally answered his first call to an auto accident.  When you live in a small community, there’s always the chance you’ll know the people in an accident or at a fire scene.

This time, it was our young boys and myself in the accident.  The boys were already out and being examined by EMTs when Allen arrived on scene.  He held my neck straight as the firefighters cut me from the banged up mess that used to be our vehicle.

Allen rode with me in the ambulance because I wasn’t expected to live long enough to make it to the hospital.  God saw to it our boys were relatively unscathed, though showered in shattered glass.

Once the ambulance arrived at the hospital, Allen helped carry my thrashing body, now in shock,  into the ER and held me down while doctors and nurses administered needed shots to calm my thrashing body.

Doctors gave me less than a 4 percent chance of survival, but Allen told them, “You don’t know my wife.”

They told Allen  IF I were in that 4 percent,  I would most likely be in a vegetative state due to severe brain injuries.  I also wouldn’t likely remember him, the kids, my parents, etc.

Allen stayed at my side, watched, waited and prayed.  As did my mom, my family, friends and churches throughout our area (and even out of state who knew me or those around me).

I’m happy to testify GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS!

I was in the 4 percent.  I’m NOT vegetative, although I do still have everyday challenges and permanent injuries.


God has used all of it not only to my benefit and spiritual growth, but I’ve been so touched with many stories of others who were moved by my story and finally opened their hearts, ears and minds to what God was saying to them in their lives. 

I feel blessed beyond measure to have been used as God’s tool to reach these people!


Merrie ChapmanMerrie Chapman is a longtime freelance journalist living in northern Indiana. She’s served 6 years as a mentor for an elementary school student.  Now Merrie has been called to take a break from teaching children at her church to further her study of God’s Word. She recently began an online Bible study which focuses on thanking God for everything … big and small.

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2 Responses to “‘You Don’t Know My Wife’”
  1. Merrie Chapman says:

    Thank You, MaryEllen Shedron for thinking of me, and sharing my story with so many!! I truly hope everyone can recognize God’s many blessings in their own lives and grow from all that He has done for them.

  2. Mary Ellen Shedron says:

    Thank YOU, Merrie Chapman, for sharing your powerful testimony with readers! Answers to prayers are readily evident in your life, especially through your twin sons and your surviving the near deadly vehicle accident. Hopefully you’ll share more of how God’s working in and through you. Wraparound Blessings!

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