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The Promised Fulfillment – 3rd Place

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All of Heaven was alive with great expectation. Jubilati had never seen this kind of heightened activity, except perhaps during the Uprising when Lucifer and his rebel comrades had been cast from Heaven. The archangel Gabriel had excitedly told Jubilati that this was “THE TIME.” Summons from the Father drew the immense angelic host to the majestic throne, as the Father began speaking. “Now is the time for the manifestation of My Son to the children of disobedience and the fulfillment of what I have spoken concerning Him as their long-awaited Redeemer.”

Turning to Jesus, He asked, “My Son, are You still willing?” Jesus fervently replied, “I delight to do Your will, My Father, for Your law is within My heart.” The Father continued, “As My Son, the Word, has spoken, so let it be done, for we and the Sacred Spirit are one in this agreement.” The Father then directed His attention to the angels. “You also will have a part to play in this unfolding drama.” Jubilati earnestly hoped that he would be one of those chosen to have a part in the revealing of the Savior to the world. He observed the Father summoning Gabriel and assigning him to give two messages–the first for a childless couple named Zachariah and Elizabeth, to whom God would give a son who would prepare the way for the promised Messiah.

Shortly after, he was to give a message to an unknown teen-age virgin named Mary, who would become the carrier of God’s Son. To Jubilati the thought of a human housing God was almost overwhelming! Gabriel left immediately to deliver the first message to Zachariah.

When he returned to the throne, he found the Son earnestly addressing the Father. “My Father, I am one with You in this great love You have for these humans. The time has come for Me to lay down all privileges of Deity that I may take on human form to faithfully fulfill Your will.” The Father tenderly embraced His Son.
Then signaling Gabriel, the Father said, “NOW is the fullness of time. Go! Deliver My message to the virgin Mary.”

After Gabriel left, the angels gasped in amazement as they watched the Mighty Son of God voluntarily put aside His kingly glory, preparing to enter the dark world of lost humans. For a split second, all the angels could see before the Father was an innocent sacrificial Lamb, ready to be offered, and then Jesus was gone.

If angels could breathe, then at that moment they all would have held the longest breath in history. They marveled at the intense love the Father and Son had for these lowly humans–a love that would cause the Son to leave His beloved Father to live as one of them.

A while later, Jubilati was summoned by the Father and given a special assignment which filled him with overflowing joy. Speedily he made his flight to the hillsides outside Bethlehem, where shepherds watched over their flocks. Magnificently he manifested himself, blazing with God’s glory, greatly terrifying them. Suddenly all the joy Jubilati had felt before the throne could no longer be contained. “Don’t be afraid,” he said exuberantly, “I bring you good news of great joy for everyone! The Savior–Christ the Lord–has just been born in Bethlehem. This is how you will recognize Him.

You will find a Baby wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.” A huge choir of his angelic brothers surrounded Jubilati, causing the whole area to explode with heavenly brilliance. Engulfed in celestial white light, the shepherds were almost overcome as they thrilled to the awesome angelic song. “Glory to God in the highest, and peace, goodwill to all people on earth!” Jubilati felt that he sang the loudest of all the angels, so full of joy was he.

When the song ended, the shepherds watched the radiance gradually fade as the angels departed. Then they excitedly headed toward Bethlehem to see for themselves what God had revealed. As Jubilati and his comrades ascended to the Heavenly City, they were in high spirits and couldn’t stop singing and praising God. How grateful Jubilati was to the Father that he had been chosen to make this joyous announcement to such a darkened and hopeless world. As they entered the celestial gates, in a lowly stable in Bethlehem a Baby’s cry broke the silence of the night air.

Sharon Wohlwend

Sharon lives with her husband Allen in central Illinois and celebrated 47 years of marriage in 2010. They have two daughters and three grandchildren. Sharon is actively involved in her church as prayer coordinator and keyboardist for the worship team. She also has a prophetic ministry in word, song, and inspirational writing, and loves to encourage God’s people.

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