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What Separates You From God?

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Sin, no matter what size, separates us from the presence of God. This is why once Adam and Eve sinned they no longer walked in the presence of God. From that day on in order to be in the presence of God one had to make a sacrifice for sin.

Genesis 3:23  “So the Lord God banished them from the Garden of Eden, and he sent Adam out to cultivate the ground from which he had been made.”

The best part of the story is that God sent his son to be the last sacrifice. Jesus was the last and complete blood sacrifice with God for our sins. Personally, I am very thankful because this means I do not have to kill a bull to be in the presence of God. I can tell you what I am a wimp when it comes to this because I got sick trying to dissect a frog, much less sprinkle blood of a ram all over my garments and then eat the animal I just killed. Could you imagine going to class for Bull Sacrifice 101. I would fail. So since the sacrifice of Jesus we no longer have to give a blood sacrifice to God. Through the acceptance of Jesus Christ we have full access to the presence of God. He is our sacrifice. He laid down his life for us in faith that we would accept Him. His blood has set us free.

Now back to sin. Every time we sin it separates us from the presence of God. The only way to regain that connection is through repentance and through the blood of Jesus Christ. We must do this multiple times a day. Repentance means “to turn from”. We must turn to God away from the sin. The first thing Adam and Eve did was hide from God when they heard Him coming. As soon as they sinned it separated them from their walk with the Lord.

When we sin we must turn to God right away. The devil wants us to believe through condemnation hat since we messed up we should just give up. He says, “You already sinned so you might as well go all the way.” At the time of sin we should turn to God and ask for forgiveness. This is something that I have always dealt with. I have a weight problem and I will start a diet and I will be doing really good and then I will have a weak moment and eat something I should not have eaten.  Then I will start to think “well I have already messed up for the day so I will eat something else I have been craving” and the next thing you know I am no longer eating healthy at all. Recently through books, prayer, and the Bible, the Holy Spirit has shown me ways to deal with the devil when he comes at me. If I turn to God at the time I sin it becomes an isolated event instead of a snowball of sin. One of the things I am doing to stop from even sinning is I ask myself “do I love food more than I love God?” It works most of the time.

Until we get to a point where we truly want God, we are going to continue to battle sin in our lives.  I am not talking about slipping up every now and then; I am talking about having something in your life that rules you. I am talking about something that has complete control over you. It can be anything: anger, over eating, lust, idolatry, spending too much time playing video games, or anything that might separate you from the presence of God. You know what it is in your heart. It is something you want to stop but you just can’t find a way to stop because of the grip satan has on you.

Dr. Cole always said, “What you give into grows stronger and what you resist grows weaker.” So if we give into sin it will continue to have a stronghold on our life. The only freedom we have is to turn to God and resist the devil. Once we start doing this, we will see a difference and satan will start to loose his grip on our lives.

I am not completely free of sin (not even close) but it does feel good to live in conviction and not condemnation. We need to start living in freedom through the blood of Jesus Christ. My challenge is for us to press into the Holy Spirit and to get on our faces and ask God to show us what we need to remove from our lives and the strategies by which to remove those things. Pray for someone to hold you accountable in this area of your life. Don’t find someone who is dealing with this same problem as you are. Find someone who has already dealt with the problem or has never had to deal with the problem. Thank you for reading my writings. They are an extension of my heart and it is my hope that God can use them to show you something that can help you.

Have a great day.

L. “Gene Milstead, currently works for Christian Men’s Network as a representative who helps pastors set up a men’s programs for discipleship. He also teaches at a transition home for men, mentoring them and helping them become men of character and integrity through relationship, discipleship, and love. Gene was commissioned in 2004 to be a minister to men by Chris.  Gene has also lost 120 pounds over the last year through dieting and exercise. He feels like physical health is just as important as spiritual health and that they go hand in hand. You can learn more about his journey at  NoMoreBigGene.
He hopes that his writings will challenge you to dive into the Bible and ask God to give you personal revelation for your life.  He is very passionate about seeing people grow closer to God through gaining of knowledge and relationship with Him.

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