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A Dark Friday Leads to the Light

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Eli gripped the clay pot and carefully poured water into the wooden trough for the camel and gave him a pat on the nose. “Eli. Please finish your chores. I will return soon.”

“Yes, mother.” Eli waved to the two women waiting for his mother at the bottom of the hill and he vaguely wondered why his mother sounded so sad. He quickly finished his chores and sat down in front of his home and stretched his legs out into the sunshine to wait for his mother to return.

“Hello Eli.” Called out Jonathan as he passed by with a group of people. Eli turned to wave and saw crowds of people passing by on the dusty path near his home, their sandals kicking up the dessert dust as they all traveled toward some unknown event. Many people were smiling and they looked like they were going to a festive occasion. Curiosity soon got the best of Eli and he could stand the suspense no longer. He joined the crowds on their journey, his heart anticipating an adventure.

He suddenly stopped short and frowned as three crosses came into view. This couldn’t be the event that everyone was going to, was it? He pulled away from the crowds and kneeled behind a bush, his small feet tucked underneath him. Straining to see past the crowds, his eyes were drawn to the center cross. Barely recognizable after the past hours of abuse by the leaders and authorities, was Jesus. Rubbing away tears that streamed down his face, Eli remembered the special day when Jesus sat with Eli and his friends.

Eli was so excited to be near to the One who loved and healed so many. Jesus didn’t ignore the children like the adults sometimes did. Looking around, Eli wondered why all the adults were just standing there and wished he could do something to help. As he plopped down onto the dusty ground, his tears mixed with the brown earth. As he briefly looked up at the cross, the sky darkened and the thunder vibrated the ground. Jesus looked over at him and briefly smiled, his intense pain not diminishing His compassionate demeanor. Eli strained to hear Jesus’ words, “It is finished”, and felt his heart begin to open.

We can only imagine what the crowds surrounding the three crosses were feeling. Certainly the emotions were mixed on that dark day we call Good Friday. Some were happy to see Jesus on the cross, their jealousy and hatred of Him filling their hearts; while others’ grief of seeing their beloved Friend and Savior most likely nearly paralyzing them with intense sadness.

What can we do for Jesus to thank him for the ultimate sacrifice he made so long ago for us? Like Eli, we can open our hearts and accept his gift of friendship and salvation. What better time to start your new life with Jesus then on Easter, the day of the ultimate symbol for newness and renewal.

If you’d like to invite Jesus to be your friend and savior, just pray the following prayer. And as you begin to grow in your newfound faith, just ask the Lord to lead you to a good Bible-teaching church and to a fellowship of other believers that will help keep you strong in the Lord and power of His might!

Dear God, I know I am a sinner. Please forgive me. I believe that Jesus died for me on the cross and that He arose from the grave so that I can live with Him in Heaven someday. I am now trusting Jesus as my Savior. Thank you for loving me and saving me. Amen.

Nancy Quinn has been married twenty one years, and hase a teenage son and two golden retriever/collies, one calm and one crazy. Her passion is WORDS and sharing the awesome message of God’s love through written form. She loves to encourage others through the WORDS the Lord gives me and hope the stories He gives me will encourage and help others in their walk with Christ too. Visit her web site and/or contact her at

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