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What Does It Really Mean to be Off the Grid?

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What Does It Really Mean to be Off the Grid? with Jan Ross and Dave Young – Episode 082

We talk a lot about preparation, about gardening, about shoring up finances, about learning to live off the grid and how to survive with less. However, even in the hardest hit, storm-ravaged areas of the country, we are not without a support system. Even as dire as the aftermath of Katrina was, even as this past summer the great Mississippi river wiped out homes and communities all along its path with floodwaters, even as tornadoes cut a swath of destruction across the deep South, we have never been without the support and help of fellow citizens. We have never lived for months or years relying solely on our wits or what we could pull from the dirt.

We invite you to join Jan Ross, Dave Young, and Bill Heid on today’s episode of Off the Grid Radio as they discuss the year in review for Haiti, the Helping For Christ Victory Center orphanage, the needs in the year to come, and how, if we really want a primer on what it means to be off the grid, we need look no further than this orphanage, and the obstacles and tribulations they have endured.

In this episode:
■The type of preparation the really gets us through tough times
■What it means to really be “off the grid”
■The year in review for the Helping For Christ Victory Center orphanage
■Looking to the future in Haiti
■And more…

If audio doesn’t play properly, you can find it here:    Look for transcript soon, from Off The Grid News!


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