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What Am I?

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What Am I?

  He made the stars with just a word,

And he calls them all by name;

There’s not a word within my tongue,

But He knows them all the same.

Lord it makes my pride fall down,

Cause you’re so big and I’m so small;

All the things I’ve done myself

Hardly mean a thing at all.


What am I, O Lord,

Without the breath that

You give me to breathe?

What am I, O Lord,

Without Your life

You are living in me?

You took a broken man

With a sinful heart

And made a vessel clean

That will show to the world

You’re an infinite God!

So what am I, O what am I?

I wrote this song after doing a study on pride. When I started, I assumed that trusting in God’s strength instead of our own would be the answer to man’s pride. That is true, but it was not the major findings of my study. It is interesting that my study led me to the life and story of Job, which shows this principle very well.

Lucifer came before the Lord to accuse mankind of their failures. God asked Satan if he had considered Job and how he was faithful above all His servants. Satan said that the only reason Job served the Lord was because God had set a protection around Job so nothing could hurt him. God allowed Satan to test Job by taking away his possessions, his wealth, and his health. If that wasn’t bad enough, some of Job’s friends visited him, but they only accused Job of sinning greatly against the Lord–so that was why God was punishing him. Throughout this whole ordeal, Job never denied the Lord. Even when his wife gave up hope, he maintained his faith in God.

This is even more impressive to me because the Book of Job is believed to be one of the oldest written books of the Bible. This means Job probably only had knowledge of God which was passed by word of mouth from his family. He might not have had any of the promises from the Lord, which we have, about God’s faithfulness, goodness, even love. The knowledge of the One he was serving was extremely limited, and still he trusted.

At the end of the book, Job’s friends had left, and the Lord appeared to Job in a whirlwind. Job didn’t have any knowledge of why these things had happened to him. Throughout this whole ordeal, Job continued to defend himself saying he had done nothing wrong to deserve punishment.

We would expect that the Lord would come to Job and tell him, “Good job! You passed the test. It was all just to prove to Satan that my children love me for who I am and not because of what I can give them.”

This is far from what God said though.  God didn’t tell him what was going on at all. He asked Job, “Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth? Were you there when the morning stars sang together and the angels shouted for joy?”  The Lord went on for three chapters telling all the awesome things that He alone could do and that He alone has seen.

When Job finally responded to this, he didn’t say, “Lord I have done nothing wrong” or “Lord why did all this happen to me?” He said, “What can I answer you? I am vile. I will close my mouth. Once I have spoken, but now I will stop myself, I will not speak again.”

Job had a false view of who he was and how righteous he was. This is the simple truth of pride. We have a fake view of how great we are. What is the answer? The answer is the same as God’s answer to Job.

Set your gaze on Him. Think on what He has done and what He can do. Discover the splendor of His creation and experience the power of His grace. The more that we focus on Him and who He really is, the more we will have a proper perspective of who we are and what we are meant to do. It is hard to be prideful when we look at God and see that we are nothing without Him.

 What am I, O Lord,

Without the breath that

You give me to breathe?

What am I, O Lord,

Without your life

You are living in me?

So what am I, O what am I?

This song can be found on my new Album “All for Him”.  You can download the MP3

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You can hear the song for free on my Youtube channel:

Being the seventh child of a Christian family, I felt I was under the shadow of my older siblings. I was saved at age three, but at twelve, I saw my life as more than living under that shadow. I wanted to serve the Lord. I didn’t know what occupation would be best for me, so I decided just to live my life for the Lord and see what He had planned. My high school years were hard, but some incredible songs turned my life around. I decided I wanted to help others with music the same way I was helped. In my senior year of high school, I started dating my best friend Grace Fitzgerald; we married a year later, on 7/7/07.

For two years, I attended Northeastern School of Theology and Missions, not knowing exactly how God wanted me to serve him. During that time, I compiled eight original songs. I decided to pursue music exclusively and started taking online classes at Berklee School of Music. I got my Specialist Certificate in Theory and Harmony in 2009.

The next year was difficult for us, with one child and another on the way, plus other things happening all at once. During that year I wrote a series of twelve songs about how I dealt with those issues and how God delivered us. The next year I took a break from school, playing for weddings and nursing homes. I worked on the recordings and finished the CD “All For Him” in August 2011.

We attended Merrimack Valley Baptist Church where Nathan Stecci began training me in the music ministry. The Lord led us to Manchester Christian Church where I am playing with their band. I hope to grow as a Christian and musician, and eventually, be able to put all of my effort into being a worship leader.


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  1. Yvonne says:

    I love this song!
    I find myself singing it throughout the day.

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