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‘We Must Be Willing to Forgive’

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by Donna Rogers

Forgive and forget has been a saying passed along from generation to generation.  It tends to be said casually as we go about our daily lives.

But Jesus put a premium on forgiveness.  He laid His life down for it.  On the cross as He was crucified, He asked God to forgive those who persecuted Him.  In Luke 23:34, Jesus said, “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.”

A preacher recently put it into perspective: Jesus had a “bad day,” yet He had compassion on the people who put Him on the cross.

“We must be willing to forgive,” the preacher said.

This made me think about that Friday long ago and how it’s hard for us to be that compassionate.  I wrote a poem years ago that described how I was mistreated verbally.  I must admit I didn’t immediately forgive the person who did that to me.  I think we hold onto bitterness because it makes us feel vindicated.  I felt as though I had a power over her, that I could be mean, too, by showing the same kind of actions she showed.

But that feeling didn’t last long.  It was so hard to keep up the mean-spirited attitude she had.  It was hard because I accepted Jesus’ forgiveness of my sins, so I had the Holy Spirit inside of me. I ended up forgiving her, and I felt better. 

Unforgiveness was killing me.


power of forgiveness


NOW AS TO THE FORGETTING PART: Jesus has forgotten the sins of those who accept Him as Savior. That part is a bit more difficult for us, I think, even with the Holy Spirit helping out. We want to keep the memory of the wrongs made against us to make sure we don’t fall for the same kind of hurt again. However, we are supposed to forgive 70 times 7 times (Matthew 18: 21-22) in that we are supposed to keep forgiving over and over again. So, it’s extra work to keep remembering all those wrongs when we are supposed to keep forgiving as though the wrong is a new one each time.

As I meditate on Christ’s death, I celebrate His triumphant victory over death as He arose and lives with God in Heaven. I must remember that forgiveness played a large part in His victory, and will play a large part in mine, too.


Author’s Note: The poem referred to above is called “The Unkind Word.” It is in the book by Donna Whitaker Rogers titled “Faces in the Crowd.”


Donna RogersDonna Rogers is a veteran media expert and poet who has a heart for worshiping God and helping others overcome obstacles in life through poetry and inspirational writing.  She’s  contributed several inspiring testimonies to  this year.  Donna has written two books of poetry and numerous inspirational writings detailing how God works in the lives of people who trust and seek Him.  Donna is married to Ron Rogers, a political cartoonist and illustrator who created covers for Donna’s books and greeting cards. More books are in Donna’s publishing future.  (Donna Rogers can be reached via email at


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