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Victimized or Victorized?

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Surely there is no argument—it is God who does all things for us.

Through God we shall do valiantly: for he it is that shall tread down our enemies.”  (Psalm 60:12)

But, while we agree He does all things for us, we have an obligation to trust, to obey and to have hope…the true badge of courage. If God is on our side, and He is, what need do we have for fear? In and of ourselves, we are weak, yet it is He that infuses us with strength and inspires us with courage and resolution in the face of our problems. But as valiant as our actions sometimes seem, any and all success must be attributed only and entirely to Him; it is He that shall tread down our enemies, and not we ourselves. All of our victories are from Him; therefore, at His feet all our crowns must be cast.

Many times we adopt a “victim mentality” thinking that it is always someone else’s fault that bad things are happening to us – that someone or something is always after us or that something will always go wrong because “bad things always happen to me.”  We look to blame others for our circumstances rather than taking responsibility ourselves.  God expects us to take responsibility for every one of our actions and to bring ourselves (our motives and actions) into subjection to Him.  And, although we may not be able to control every circumstance, we can control our response.  We’re not “victims.”  A price too dear has been paid to purchase for us the VICTORY.  We aren’t “victims,” we’re “victors.”  Victors through the shed blood of Christ. Victors because the Sovereign Victorious One dwells within us, moves in us, and has established His throne in our hearts.

Acknowledge the victories He has won for you. Think about where you might have been had it not been for the Lord, then Praise Him for His work in your life today and every day.  Remember always that you are not a “victim” of any one or any circumstance; you are a VICTOR in Jesus Christ, the Sovereign Victorious King.

Lord, you are the Victor and because of You I am no longer a victim of circumstances.  Because of You I fall benefit to the victories You have won. Help me to remember always it is offensive to the completed work of the cross for me to adopt a “victim mentality” under any circumstance.  Help me that I might honor You by living a victorious life through Jesus Christ my Lord.  Hallelujah! What a Saviour! Amen.

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