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Ups and Downs Along the Journey

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He makes “grass to grow upon the mountains” . . . meditate on that for just a moment.

A while back as I listened to a guest pastor share the Word of God at our local church, my heart suddenly leapt within me. God opened my eyes to an important truth through his simple sharing. Although he used this illustration in a slightly different context, today’s verse brought life to it as God stirred within my heart.

Who covereth the heaven with clouds, who prepareth rain for the earth, who maketh grass to grow upon the mountains.” (Psalm 147:8)

Having been from South Carolina, this pastor’s family often traveled through the Blue Ridge Mountains to his home. His wife and daughter were usually in the car saying things like, “Ahhhhhhhh…..such beauty! Look at the flowers! Look at the river rustling as it leaps over the rocks! Look at the sun peeping through the towering trees.”

In fact, they usually very audibly and descriptively enjoyed the picturesque testimony of God’s greatness that was so prominent along the way. But, while in the driver’s seat, all he could see was the mountain ahead as together they ascended on the long and winding road to the top of one mountain only to descend and repeat the ups and downs over and over again until they reached their final destination.

The difference between the passengers and the driver was the focal point. This begs the question: In our journey through life, what is OUR focal point? Do we focus on the beauty of life’s “scenery” as we journey along the way? Or, is our focus on the arduous task of climbing the mountain that seems to never end?

Our choice of focal points will frame our attitudes, bringing us either sheer delight in seeing God in every step we take or dismay as we contemplate the hard climb ahead. It’s purely a matter of perspective.

Through every mountain there are joys. We just have to take our eyes off the mountainous road ahead of us and enjoy the scenery displayed each step of the way. God is everywhere! He’s with us, manifesting His blessings, sharing His beauty, and giving us joy along the way as we make our way up and down each mountain. And, never forget He’s even in the valley between the mountains. It’s all in our perspective.

Psalm 148:7-9 says, “Praise the LORD from the earth . . . mountains, and all hills . . .”

Let’s join in praise to Him who not only created the mountains but who also is in our very midst as we climb, showing us His glory each step along the way. If we don’t praise Him in the midst of our mountains, the rocks and the mountains themselves will proclaim praise in our stead for our God WILL be praised!

Father, it is in realizing that You have created the mountains that I can learn to praise you for them while going up and while going down. Help me to stop along the way, admiring the beauty of Your majesty as I behold Your presence with each step I take. Teach me to look for You every day in all places, both the easy and the hard, the steep and the level, the mountains and the valleys. Thank You, Lord, for the grass upon the mountains—the evidence of Your Hand along the way. I offer my praise to You, oh Lord, amen!

And blessed be his glorious name for ever: and let the whole earth be filled with his glory; Amen, and Amen.” (Psalm 72:19)

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