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Two Christian Girls Kidnapped

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Submitted by Xavier Patras William

Central Punjab the hub of extremism is again in the lime light. Two Christian sisters have been kidnapped by a group of Muslims and were forced to convert to Islam. Rebbecca Masih and Saima Masih were kidnapped in Jhung the district of Faisalabad.

Rehmat Masih a carpenter said, “Muhammad Waseem a local business man supported by a banned extremist group came to my place several weeks ago with armed men and said he liked my daughters and wants to marry them, if I will refuse, he threatened to take away my daughters and forcefully convert them. I went to the City Police Station to file a complain, they took the application but didn’t take any action. I also sent a copy of the application to the SSP (Senior Superintendent Police), DSP (Deputy Superintendent Police) and the CPO (City Police Officer). But none responded.”

Masih further said, ” On Tuesday afternoon my daughters were coming back from the market, a vehicle owned by Muhammad Waseem intercepted them and threw them in the vehicle and drove away.”

Rehmat Masih rushed to the police station, but instead of helping they allegated that Masih`s daughters might have ran away from home. SHO (Station House Officer) City Police Station said, ” We had received the application from Rehmat Masih claiming that Muhammad Waseem had threatened to kidnap his daughters, we have investigated the matter, Waseem is a respectable and a reputed businessman, he is being falsely accused. Whereas Rehmat Masih is a Carpenter, his neighbors say he gets drunk every night and starts assaulting his daughters and forces them into unethical activities, so they might have ran away unable to bear the torture.”

Malik Shahid a neighbor said, ” I know Rehmat Masih from past 20 years, he has been living in the neighborhood, he is a respectable person, I have never heard any harsh words from him nor have I ever seen him doing anything unethical. In fact Muhammad Waseem is an influential person we had seen him threatening Masih. The Police is twisting the matter as they cannot take any action against Waseem as they are involved with him.”

On Wednesday Muhammad Waseem forcefully married Saima Masih in the presence of Maulana (Cleric) Muhammad Zubair Qasim. In Islam if a woman of any other religion marries a Muslim she embraces the religious faith of her husband, this converts her to Islam. According to sources Maulana Muhammad Zubair Qasim has been an active member of the banned extremist group Sip-e-Sahaba and has been involved in kidnapping Christian and Hindu girls and forcefully converting them to Islam.

Rehmat Masih has been visiting the police, but they have refused to help, instead they ask him to forget his daughters now. Masih said helplessly, ” I have made appeals to the authorities in Jung, but they all have been bought, instead of serving the Punjab government they are the servants of the extremists groups.”

Rizwan Paul the Vice President Life for All said, ” kidnapping of the Christian girls, forced marriages have become a common practice in Jhung and the surrounding areas. Christian and Hindu girls are forced to marry the Muslims, which converts them to Islam, the police and the local authorities are paid to take care of the official documentation, so no FIRs ( First Information Report) are registered. These officials are tools in the hands of the extremists. These areas are a safe heaven for the extremists. Clerics openly talk about killing and kidnapping the Christian girls in their Friday sermons. There are countless similar cases that go unregistered. We have talked to several Punjab Government officials, unfortunately the government supports these groups.”

Xavier Patras William
President, Life For All (Pakistan)

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