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When I Think Of The Cross Of Jesus

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When I think of the cross of Jesus

I often wonder why he took so much

pain and grief,and just for me he died.

He left his throne in glory,and counted

it but loss. To come to earth and die

on an old rugged cross. He said:

“Father forgive them for they know not what they do”

as they beat him and scourged him,and

he did it just for you. Then he cried “IT’S FINISHED”!!

As he died for you and me. That we might go to heaven,and

live eternally. When I think of the cross of Jesus

I wonder day to day why people scoff and say

I can Find another way. For Jesus is the only one

that saves and sets men free.

And that’s why my Savior died on the cross of Calvary!!”

Ron and his wife Marilyn live in Hermitage, Tennessee. Ron works and travels with Gordon Jensen, Gospel singer and song-writer. Ron and Marilyn have been in ministry for many years and have seen God’s faithfulness in the midst of the storms in life.

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