Friday, January 19, 2018

There ARE Such Things As Monsters!

32378928_mAnother 12-year-old girl recently took her own life on the Reservation. Once a week, my work takes me to the only store in the little town where she lived… tried to live. I was telling Kelly how I can’t help but to watch the children there and wonder what waits for them at home.

Well, for little Harmony, what waited for her was hopeless enough, horrible enough, evil enough and/or frightening enough, that killing herself was the only option she felt she had left. Imagine that. Twelve years old!

NO, REALLY! Imagine it! Don’t just read over a statement about yet another suicide on the Rez and not think any more about it!

Picture a twelve-year-old little girl working up the desperate courage to actually end her life. Picture what her life must have looked like leading up to that horrifying moment. Picture what is was like to find her.

I’ve been there. I’ve had to see our beautiful loved one as she lay lifeless on the ground of that Reservation. I’ve had to try in vain to breathe life back into her – after the breath had already been ripped out by the evil around her.

Donate-THMy daughter is twelve. She’s doesn’t like the dark much. I was the same way at that age, so I can empathize with her. I tell her, “There’s nothing to be afraid of, sweetie.” “You’re safe here at home with your family.” “There’s no such thing as monsters.” 

Well, for the majority of the children on the Reservation, there IS something to be afraid of. You’re NOT safe at home. Your parents and siblings may or may not be home and chances are, wherever they are, someone is drunk or stoned. And the truth is, THERE ARE SUCH THINGS AS MONSTERS! They are crawling all over the Reservation and they feed on the children.

“You came near when I called on you; you said, ‘Do not fear!'” (Lam 3:57)

Yeshua is the ONLY answer for these children; His love and mercy abounding through His chosen vessels reaching out to these children and their families is their only hope. We need you to help make this a reality, not just in theory but in practice. The plans are drawn, funds are beginning to come in. But we’re far from our goal. Please consider partnering with this ministry as we reach out as one of the channels through which He has chosen to reach these children.

Please pray for these children. Please partner with us. Please.

Note:  I realize there is some good on the Reservation. There are some good parents and there are some safe places. Maybe Harmony’s parents are good and her home is safe. I don’t know. But I do know, over this year working on the Reservation almost every day and dealing with the people and their society through ministry, what I stated above is the hard reality for the great majority. And to the rest on the Reservation that aren’t in this majority, if you’re not trying to help these children, then you’re hurting them.

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