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The Tabernacle and Jesus

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The Tabernacle and Jesus

Many Christians will go their whole life and never even think about how the
tabernacle and Jesus are connected. I believe this is a big mistake. The word
of God is full of types and pictures. God does this so he can show us more of
himself. This is described in Romans 1:20 when Paul says that the invisible
things are clearly seen by the things that are made, even the eternal God head.
The tabernacle and Jesus fall into this category.

Outer court:

            The Brazen Altar– Represents sacrifice because it was here that the Jews
brought their sacrifices to be burned. Jesus is the ultimate sacrifice that can
be paid for our sins.

            The Brazen Laver– Here the Priest would wash away the dirt and blood from their hands making themselves clean to enter the next part of the tabernacle. When we accept Jesus, he washes away our sins and makes us white as snow. Now that
Jesus has made us clean we can serve God completely.

Inner court:

            Table of Shew Bread– This is a table of bread that represents the twelve tribes
of Israel. The bread is meant for the Priest to eat for strength while they do
the work of God in the inner court. Jesus is the Word of God made flesh. The
more we read the word of God, the more we become like Jesus. As we become like
Jesus we get the strength needed to do God’s work.

            Menorah-The Menorah (candle stick) was used to give light to the Priest in the inner court so they could see to perform their Godly task. Jesus is the light that
lives in us and lights our path so we can see clearly to follow God.

            The Altar of Incense– the Altar of Incense is where four different types of
incense were burnt representing the prayers for the people. Jesus is at the
right hand of God, always praying for us.

Holy of Holies:

            The Ark of the Covenant– The Ark of the Covenant represented God’s promise to dwell with his people and was where his presence would come down from heaven.
Jesus represents the covenant God makes with each of us when we become his
child. When we accept Jesus, God actually comes to live inside of us.

This is just a basic layout of how the tabernacle and Jesus are related. I encourage you to do a good Bible study on the tabernacle and Jesus. The connection you will findt will cause the word of God o come alive to you. You will see that God has always had a plan, and that plan includes you. Remember 1 Corinthians:

16 Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s
temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in your midst? 17 If anyone
destroys God’s temple, God will destroy that person; for God’s temple is
sacred, and you together are that temple.


Joseph Clark is a freelance Christian writer. He is married with one daughter. Joseph suffers from a unique spinal condition that has caused him to be limited in mobility. God has used this to help fuel a desire to know more about Him. Through physical troubles God has taught Jospeh so much about what is important in life.  His life mission is to shine God’s light as bright as possible, to as many people as possible.  You can find Joseph at:

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