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🎄 The Royal Procession (Honorable Mention)

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The Royal Procession
by Donna Powers


There was a deafening hush when the King left the room.

The throne where He had sat for so long lay empty; His absence from the seat was almost palpable for those gathered.  As long as any could remember, the King had been seated on the right hand of the Father.  He had been there before any other being had been created, and His Presence had been part of the glorious peace, light and joy which always filled the room.

But He had left the throne room.

As a company, they turned to see the Father’s reaction.  They suspected He would miss His Son, even though the King’s journey would be at the Father’s bidding.  None could fathom the Father’s reaction, but imagined He felt not only sadness at the King’s leave-taking, and in what that leave-taking portended; but also joyous anticipation for the unprecedented glory yet to come.

For the King would be coming back. He would be changed by His journey, but all knew He would someday return, in triumph and glory.

Soon, the angels in the throne room resumed singing their unending praise to the glory of the Father.  But those who remained could not help but glance, for a brief moment (some in envy; some in curiosity; others in vicarious joy) as they saw the host who followed the King as He walked outside the heavenly realm.  Silently, the host followed the King. Taking a deep breath, the King walked lightly over the trails of sparkling stars in the night sky. Each star bore brief traces of His glory as His feet brushed over it.  The night sky trembled as it witnessed the Royal procession, as He passed from heaven to earth.

It was a procession truly worthy of the King.

None questioned where they were headed.  None had to; an enormous star had been imbued with an otherworldly light, and it perfectly highlighted their destination.  As they reached the star, the angels seemed entranced by its glow: it was almost as bright as the glow of the heavenly throne room.  For an unmeasured season, all of the host were mesmerized by that star.  The brightness of their wings added to its glow.  As a result, all were looking away as the King underwent His final transformation.

When they finally looked down to the earth, they were startled.  They’d known their destination would have to be a bit of a let-down, after the heavenly throne room, but this? A drafty stable, filled with rank-smelling animals? A cold and unwieldy trough, filled with half-eaten moldy straw?  And who were this young, frightened woman and anxious but doting man?

And where was their King?

Suddenly, the angels realized: their King had become a baby… a human baby!  None could believe how His face had changed: once so regal and now, so innocent and new.

And, yet , He remained their King.  So, they resumed their appointed task: presenting Him with their worship.  On this holy day, each presented their fervent worship as the Ultimate Gift to Him, on this day of His earthly birth.

They presented their songs of heavenly worship, as it resounded from their every pulse and breath.  Their wings shielded His face from the cold of the night.  Their heavenly presence provided a shimmering light; enabling the young couple to see the face of their newborn Son.

And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, ‘Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men’.”   Luke 2:13=14



Donna Powers

Author:  Donna Powers

Donna Powers is a Christian wife, mother, grandmother and hospice nurse from central NJ.  She enjoys reading, word games and writing. 

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