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The Magnifying Glass

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Consider, for a moment, Jesus’ life as He walked this earth.  People knew by His reputation, by His works, by the depth of love He exhibited that He was different.  In fact, He was so different that those whose motives were contrary to His were threatened by Him or, at the very least, uncomfortable around Him.  He directed all praise and glory to the Father. He magnified Him so the Father could be seen in all He did.  Even Jesus, the incarnate Son of the Most High God, would take no glory for Himself; He redirected it to the Father so the Father could be seen in Him.  Everything about Him pointed to His Father.  Everything in us should point to Him as well.

O magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt his name together.  I sought the LORD, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.”  (Psalm 34:3-4)

We must magnify Him!  I have thought about this verse many times.  What does it mean to “magnify” Him?

The best clue can be found in considering the function of a magnifying glass.  It makes an object bigger so it can be more easily seen.

To magnify Jesus, we must allow Him to become clearly visible in our lives and not blurred by the veil of our flesh.  He should be easily seen in us without those around us straining their eyes or using their imagination to determine whether or not we are children of the Most High God.  In other words, Jesus must be easily seen in us through our actions, our words, and through a heart of compassion, humility, and integrity.  Our lives must reflect Him in all that we say and do.  Not only are we to “preach” to the world with our many words of affirmation and testimony, we should “preach” to the world through our lifestyle, day in and day out, to all with whom we come in contact!

Although pleasing man and finding his approval is not our motive in this life, those who are close to us and who are acquainted with us should clearly see Jesus in us without us uttering a word; our actions should speak louder than our words.  It is when people look into our lives and clearly see the love and majesty of God that we know we have indeed magnified Him.

May the Lord Jesus Christ be magnified today in each one of us as we interact with our family and friends and coworkers, that they may easily discover the hope which is found in Him and Him only.

Father, as we reflect on the events of these recent times, we become so very aware of the fact that it is only in finding Jesus that this world has true hope.  My prayer today, Lord, is that my life might magnify You; that I would decrease so You may increase in me so people would no longer see me, but see You, the Lover of my soul.  Father, be magnified in me and through me. Use me, Lord, as a magnifying glass bringing into focus, in ever-increasing measure, the evidence of Your love, mercy, and grace toward Your people. Father, be magnified in my life … be magnified, amen and amen!

Let all those that seek thee rejoice and be glad in thee: let such as love thy salvation say continually, The LORD be magnified.”  (Psalm 40:16)

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