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The Love Filter

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It’s been my experience that most Christians approach Bible reading much the same, myself included. I was a fairly typical young minister—pastor’s kid all my life, teaching Sunday School way too early, graduating from Bible College, and jumping right into the fire of ministry. And I, like most, had a good understanding of Scripture from Matthew to Revelation (well, OK, maybe Jude); but my familiarity dwindled when I turned left at the InterTestamental Page Break.

And really this isn’t our fault! We’ve simply never been held acceptable to know the Old Testament like we know the New Testament. Many of us have gone to church all our lives. If we think back about ten weeks of Sunday sermons, eight of them will have been taken from the New Testament and the other two will simply be springboard verses from the Old Testament jumping right back into the New Testament. Hence our familiarity with the Old Testament is limited to the stories (Adam/Eve, Abraham, Joseph, the Exodus, Jonah, etc.), some selected Psalms and Proverbs, and one or two passages from the prophets, like Isaiah 53 or Jeremiah 31.

Think about it. Have you ever stopped to consider that our Messiah Jesus knew the Old Testament like the back of His hand? Or that the only Bible that Peter, James, John and Paul had was the Old Testament? They actually preached the New Covenant from the Old Testament! Genesis through Malachi was their Bible, their only Bible. Please understand I’m not downplaying the New Testament in the least; the New Testament is where the whole tapestry of the story unfolds. I simply believe that perhaps we should be familiar with more of the story than just the last five minutes. It’s true that all the players come together in the New Testament in an amazing crescendo of God’s grace and truth. But once we understand the character of all the players, the story comes alive like we’ve never seen before!

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Jonathan Daugherty is the Director of Heart of God Israel. He serves as a congregational leader of Beit Hallel, a Messianic Jewish congregation in Tucson, AZ. He has a deep love for his Jewish brothers and sisters, and for the Hebraic context of our faith. John considers discipleship as one of his chief concerns and he works to make disciples of Yeshua (Jesus) through example, counseling and teaching the Hebraic understanding of our faith. John and his wife, Yvonne, live in Tucson, AZ, along with their two wonderful children.

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