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The Legend of the Dogwood

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Legend has it that Jesus was crucified on a cross made of a dogwood tree.
It further goes on to say, that since that time in history the dogwood never again grew tall, or straight enough to make a cross big enough to hang a man.
It is also said that the dogwood blossom is a reminder of the world’s most pivotal day in history, Jesus’ crucifixion.
When one looks at the blossom, you will find four white petals. Usually two are longer and opposite each other, forming a cross.
At the end of each petal is an indentation which is curled up to signify the excruciating pain of the piercing nails. In the middle of those curled ends is a tinge of red reminding us of the blood spilled. You will also note the stretch marks on the shorter petals showing the stress on the arms of Jesus.
In the center of the cross, or blossom, is the golden crown. The crown fit for the King of kings and LORD of lords.
A legend might be hogwash to some people, but the fact is, “All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made.” John 1:3 . . . including the dogwood tree.
Franz X. Beisser, III writes about old times, old customs, good eats, antiques, his German childhood, his love for the USA, nature, woodworking, Appalachia, tall tales, economics, blessings, the Lord Jesus. You can find Franz at “Cast Your Net” : www.newsolstice.blogspot.

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