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🎄 The King Has Come (First Place)

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The King Has Come
by Swanee Ballman


I, Learsi, soldier in the army of the Most High God, have witnessed amazing events. I saw the Great I AM change darkness into light. I observed the expulsion of Lucifer from heaven. I blocked the Garden entrance when Adam and Eve departed, never to return. At the Red Sea, I was among the angels who held back the waters for the Hebrew children to pass through safely. In Jericho I, with other angels, pressed the wall into the ground after the great march around the fortified city.

There were many more experiences, but my two favorite involve Earth and Yeshua, the Son of the Most High, the King of kings…

* * *

With a host of other angels, I floated over Earth, bursting with excitement. But in obedience to the Master, we kept silent until the appointed time. We had waited for nine months, ever since Gabriel approached Mary of Nazareth.

Though submissive to the Master, young Mary seemed to have no earthly support at first. But after Gabriel approached her betrothed in a dream, Joseph was in accord with her. And so was her elderly cousin, Elizabeth, who as with Mary enjoyed her own miraculous pregnancy.

Just before she delivered her child, Mary sustained a grueling journey on the back of a donkey. Several of us were assigned to encamp round about Joseph and her as they traveled toward town of Bethlehem, I watched her unwrap and wrap the pouch that contained the salt, swaddling strips, and small blanket she would need for the newborn child. I sensed her anxiety.

Her contractions began late the afternoon before they arrived at their destination. Mary cried, “YHWH, please don’t leave me in my time of need.” Our voices whispered on a gentle breeze and cooled her flushed face. “You can do this, Mary. You have been chosen among all women. YHWH will never leave or forsake you.”

Bethlehem quadrupled in size as people congregated for the required census registration. Boisterous conversations and drunken laughter roared through the congested lanes. Everywhere people gathered outside around small fires.

Men blocked the entranceway to the small inn as they tried to surge within. Joseph left Mary in the shadows, forged through the multitude and found the innkeeper. After a brief conversation, he returned. “It’s not good,” he said. “The inn is full, but we can rest in the innkeeper’s stable.” He pointed. “It’s just down there. You’ll be away from this madness.”

Mary gasped with another contraction. Beads of perspiration dotted her brow. “Please, hurry.”

Joseph pulled the donkey through the throngs to a crude structure on the outskirts of town. When they arrived, he frowned. “We’ll find somewhere else.”

“No time,” Mary panted. “Help me down!”

* * *

I took my post over a nearby field, dotted with flocks of sheep. Tiny campfires flickered, illuminating the upturned faces of shepherds as they stared at an unusual, brilliant star above them.

An older man whom they called Benjamin caught my attention. He quoted from the great teachings of his faith. “Behold thou, Bethlehem Ephrata, though thou be little among thousands in Judah, yet out of thee shall come forth He who is to be ruler in Israel, whose goings forth have been told from old, from everlasting.”

I wanted to shout, “The promise is here. Tonight!” But I had to remain silent a bit longer.

Soon a baby’s cries filled the silent night with the most beautiful sound I had heard in a long time. Yeshua, the King of kings, the Savior of mankind, had arrived! Far from the majestic Creator of all things great and small. Not in his purple linen robe or wearing His crown of precious gems, but in the most humble of conditions.

To see him as an infant was a shock. Never mind that. We had watched Joseph, the son of Jacob, grow from the offspring of a shepherd to the second in command in Egypt. We witnessed a baby who once floated within the bulrushes of the Nile rise to the great leader of an entire nation. We knew the potential of a baby chosen by the Great I AM.

Though exhausted, Mary smiled. She cradled in her arms the greatest gift YHWH had ever presented to mankind.

“Now!” The hills trembled from the voice from heaven. Sleeping sheep awakened and bleated their surprise while shepherds jumped to their feet in shock.

“Proclaim!” the second command thundered across the sky.

We hovered just above the treetops. An entire host of us. We sang. Oh, how we sang. “Hosanna! Hosanna!”

“Fear not,” I declared over the harmonic chorus when I realized the frightened shepherds could see us. “We bring great tidings. For unto you a child is born. Unto you a Savior is given.”

The shepherds’ eyes grew wide with awe. Some shielded their faces from the glory that shone around us. Others fell prostrate.

Old Benjamin stretched his arms like an eagle soars and spun in a circle. “The prophecy is fulfilled! Glory to God in the highest!”

Our celebration ended quickly. As soon as we delivered the message, Gabriel issued new orders. Another rebel by the name of Herod had plans to alter God’s plan. The Great I AM would not allow that.

* * *

I’m not sure how long ago this happened. Since we have always existed, time is insignificant to us.

This story has not ended. We eagerly await another day when we will travel with the Son once more. But this event will be different. Yeshua won’t be a tiny child in a lowly stable. He will wear his kingly attire, and every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess that He is the King of kings.

Glory to God in the highest! The King of kings reigns forever!


Author:  Swanee Ballman

Swanee Ballman has been writing for many years and writes for the glory of the Lord. She has self-published eight novels and hopes to complete a ninth in 2017.

Swanee has three grown children, a two-year-old grandson, and a grandbaby due in July. She is a member of Cornerstone UMC in Newnan, GA, where she sings in the choir and loves to participate in Bible studies.

She and her husband live in their house in the woods outside Newnan, GA.

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