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The Gift

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“But the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”
Romans 6:23

Once upon a time there was a King of a mighty kingdom. He was a good King and He loved His people very much. One day He called twelve of His top leaders to come to Him. He had a surprise for them. He gave them each a gift:  a fabulous, marvelous gift. A gift like none they had ever seen before. He told his men to go out and share this gift with the rest of His people… the gift was limitless. They would never run out. It would never grow old or tarnish. It would never fade away. It was the most amazing gift the men had ever seen. There was no price tag that could be placed on the gift, and the only thing the King asked was that those who received it be sure and share it with others.

So the twelve set out to share this amazing gift.

Some people could not believe that the gift was theirs simply to receive. They would listen to the story the men told, but then they would shake their heads in amazement and doubt and simply walk away. The men would try to give the gift to these people, but they refused it.

Some people would receive the gift, but they would then tuck it under their arm, run back into their houses and hide the it under their bed. They couldn’t believe that the gift was really theirs and they were afraid to share it with anyone else.

But some people were so very thankful that they received the gift that they immediately ran out and shared the gift with everyone they came in contact with. They wanted others to have the same good fortune they had … to receive this special gift.

Father God, thank You for the wonderful gift that You have given us. Lord, teach me how to share your gift with others.

I Love You Jesus.
In Your Name I Pray,



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