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CollectiveOur congregation at Biet Hallel Tucson recently studied a portion of Scripture from Numbers 32.  In this portion, the event of Reuben and Gad asking to inherit land on the east side of the Jordan River is discussed.  What was surprising was Moshe’s vehement response to this request:

“But Moshe said to the people of Gad and to the people of Reuben, ‘Shall your brother go to the war while you sit here?!  Why will you discourage the heart of the people of Israel from going over into the land that Adonai has given them?  Your fathers did this, when I sent them from Kadesh-Barnea to see the land.  For when they went up to the Valley of Eshcol and saw the land, they discouraged the heart of the people of Israel from going into the land that Adonai had given them.  And Adonai’s anger was kindled on that day…And behold, you have risen in your fathers’ place, you brood of sinners, to increase still more the fierce anger of Adonai against Israel!  If you turn away from following Him, He will again abandon them in the wilderness, and you will destroy all this people!’” (Numbers 32:6-10, 14-15)

Wow!  You brood of sinners?!  To say the least, Moshe was a tad bit angry here.  But why wouldn’t he be?  From Moshe’s perspective … (read more here)


John is a congregational leader of a messianic congregation in Tucson AZ, and the Director of Heart of God Israel.  He  loves Yeshua (Jesus) with everything he’s got!–or at least that’s his goal! John is consumed with spreading His fame around the globe and seeing His Name on the lips of every tongue, tribe, nation and people group.  Catch more of John’s teaching at

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