Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Big Offer

Some generosity is hard to resist….

A recent mail message told me I’d won three million pounds in an English lottery – without buying a ticket. A couple of days later a Nigerian bank wanted to load me down with an extra ten million dollars. Both offers required my bank details… Aware that others’ bank accounts have been drained because they accepted similar generous offers, I hit the delete key.   It’s true that money is not everything, and though it once spoke all languages, now we can often find that it goes without saying!

Game shows make for popular television, whether contestants use knowledge or luck to snare the prizes. Comperes  build the interest and suspense any way they can, but contestants add their own thrills as audiences travel with them, knowing that any mistimed guess or misplaced greed could instantly end the game.   Though God wants us to enjoy life and to spread the enjoyment, He never designed life as a game show. That’s because his ultimate prize doesn’t change, and our success does not rely on how smart or lucky we are. Better still, His forgiveness means that as we respond to Him; even after countless failures; we never have to accept a consolation prize.  

His ultimate prize is twofold: for us to know Him personally, so we may face our challenges with confidence; and so we may discover ways for our successes to give generous encouragement to others, whether we have regular or casual contact with them.


Noel Mitaxa On behalf of a church near you, Inviting you to explore God’s grace   Noel Mitaxa is from South Eastern Australia and has been in ministry since 1973, firstly with Churches of Christ – similar to the Disciples in the USA – until 1990, when he moved to a faith-based inter-based inter-church sports ministry of sports evangelism, sports chaplaincy and sports media, before returning to pastoral ministry with Baptist Churches in 1996. Throughout his ministries, he has always aimed at building the kinds of churches that express God’s love practically, as much as verbally.  Most recently, this included a community centre for woodworking, a community garden and counseling and education programs. He also enjoys the methanol fix of speedway chaplaincy, in which he has served nine seasons as the Head Rev of all those rev heads! He and his wife Judy have been married for 35 years; their four kids have grown up and they have three grandchildren. His writing began in 1982, with his first weekly Good News column, which has always focused on helping unchurched people to realize that God loves them and that He is already there for them.  The column has also been a tool for feeding and starting ‘water cooler’ conversations among Christians and non-Christians.  He also writes for Cypress Times in Houston TX.

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