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Thank You For This Child

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Thank You For This Child
by Sherry Castelluccio

A thousand stars illuminate the night sky. Still, one shines brighter than them all. Suspended amid the fiery orbs, it burns more brightly than any of them had ever seen. They’ve been traveling for so long now, and finally they can rest. They hear his cries long before they see him.

Anticipation wells up until it’s too much for them to contain. They run, gathering up their robes over their knees, the cool night air caressing their tired skin. At last the wait is over. It’s time to meet their king.

“Such a tiny little creature!” one of them says.

“Oh, I wouldn’t worry”, jokes another. “His father is a big man. He’ll probably outweigh you in another five years!”

Laughter fills the stable as the child’s mother looks on, a strange expression on her weary face. They are curious but they don’t ask. What is she thinking? What strange, new miracle has happened here tonight? This is indeed the smallest king they had ever seen.

Look at him! So alert and wide eyed! They had never seen a baby so perfect. Even their own children still had odd shaped heads that didn’t seem to go along with their ill-proportioned little bodies. Surely, this is no ordinary baby. They slowly kneel and a quiet peace seems to settle over them. In their hearts, they whisper a prayer.

“Father, we are honored to be here and to see for ourselves the majesty of your creation. You alone are the great God, maker of everything perfect and beautiful. Thank you for this amazing journey to the feet of our savior. Lord, thank you for this child.”

Mary pulls her blanket over her shoulders and shivers in the night air.

“My son,” she thinks. What great mysteries do you have in store for us? What great things are you going to accomplish in your time here? Of course you’ll take your father’s profession. You’ll be strong and you’ll be talented. You’ll be well liked and admired. People will respect you and try to be like you. Of this, I’m sure. You will change a great many lives. Above all, you will be blessed, for I have been faithful to our Lord. Oh, yes, he will bless you. The whole world will be blessed for having known you. My son, Yeshua.”

Her thoughts continue to churn, swirling around and around like a sand storm, blowing every which way and no-where in particular. “Little Yeshua, why have you come to me? What feeble gift have I offered to receive such a treasure?” As she stares at his delicate little face, she whispers a prayer to her Lord.

“Master, thank you for allowing me to care for this precious little one. Long before I came into this world you chose me to bear this burden and I do it joyfully and willingly. Lord, thank you for this child.”

It’s been a long day and he’s tired. Grueling hours behind a desk with no lunch break have left him exhausted. After two hours in stop and go traffic, he’s ready to kick off his shoes and just relax. No more crunching numbers, no more irate customers, no more, “Oh, and one more thing before you go…”

Finally, it’s time to rest. She trots in, her little curls bouncing frantically in time to her excitement. “Daddy, Daddy!” She leaps into his arms before he has a chance to take his coat off. “Daddy, Jesus! See!” She takes him by the finger and pulls him after her, her excitement threatening to overtake her. “See, Jesus!” He picks her up and pulls her to him, breathing in the scent of this afternoon’s cookies and juice.

“Such a tiny little creature”, he thinks. “What great things are you going to accomplish while you are here with us?” In his heart he says a prayer. “Dear Jesus, thank you for the innocence of little children and for allowing us all to see you as you once were, before you knew the cruelty of man and chose to love him anyway.”

He stares at the glass nativity scene and the little baby wrapped up in swaddling clothes. He glances down at his little girl, entranced by the scene before them. “Lord, he whispers, Thank you for this child.”

Copywrite 2005 Sherry Castelluccio
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Sherry Castelluccio:

I am a married, stay at home mom and pastor’s wife with a passion for spreading the Gospel through my writing. It is my prayer that people come to know the Jesus I know through the sharing of my testimony. Feel free to contact me at

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