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Soldiers Bible Ministry – All Things Are Possible!

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“Though I walk in the midst of trouble, you preserve my life; you stretch out your hand against the anger of my foes, with your right hand you save me.” Psalm 138:7

It was awesome to watch the news stories and see the smiling faces of our brave Warriors returning home. Our prayers continue for those Warriors who remain in Iraq. To those who are now home we say, “Welcome Home and Thank You for your service!”

My heart goes out to the Warriors in Afghanistan. This month we received a request from the Chaplain of a Combat Support Hospital in Afghanistan for whom we had made arrangements to receive a supply of Bibles and study materials in response to his request.

The area where they’re located has become one of the most dangerous places in Afghanistan. They opened a hospital 3 months ago and have already treated many patients. The Chaplain told us that the patients usually arrive with just the clothes on their backs which are promptly removed during treatment. He humbly requested support from us by sending them much needed basic items such as t-shirts, boxers, socks, personal hygiene items, blankets (quilts), and any snacks and food items for microwave use. He also requested school supplies for two schools in their area of operation.

SBM sent out his request to Mama Verda Reeves and Mama Cindy who immediately went to work gathering the supplies for shipment.

We received this note of gratitude from the Chaplain on September 9th:

“Our staff are tired emotionally as we have many angels, and my job becomes very important as a encourager and motivator. I reminded them always how much their job is meaningful to save lives in our debriefings. When they tired, they came to the special place in our chapel and community center to relax, digest their pains, watching movies, playing games, eating snacks, taking naps, and hanging around with people. All is possible in God and you guys made this possible for Soldiers and staff. My job is making fun and bring smiles in my Sunday services, Bible Studies, daily 6-7 times visitation, classes and briefings.

I opened the marriage enrichment class for 6 days with a lot of humors and fun with 90 people attendances. We had a “CSH IDOL” ten days ago. It was a fun activity and we all were teenagers. I plan to have a dancing competition in the early of Nov to have a fun time. I plan to have stress management classes in the early of Oct. There are many things that God works among us and you guys are our team as sponsors. We are thirsty for doing great things here. God bless you and please continue to pray for us to complete our mission. Thanks again for your support!

If you pray for us, that will the best blessing from you.

God bless you!”

A special thanks to both of these servants of God for their hearts filled with His love.

Through God’s grace we continue to be able to grant the requests from Chaplains for Bibles and study materials through the generosity of our partners Biblica and Koinonia House. Thank you so much.

Please allow me to share a couple of letters of encouragement to our Troops I received through my email:

“I’m glad to be able to send you this Bible. I served in Vietnam and no one was interested in my well being, especially spiritually. I would advise you to study and know Psalm 91 and look up King David in his cave experience. You can have the same experience with your fellow serviceman. David healed by the Power of the Holy Spirit the 400 and they in turn healed the next 200 that were David’s army of 600. They never went on a replacement drive for they healed each other and raised the dead as they fought. There were 601 going in and 601 coming out. God Bless you and your fellows. In Christ, David, Sgt, USMC”

And, here’s another one:

“To the soldier who gets this book let me tell you how much you are loved and appreciated. There are no words to tell you how deeply I feel about you. All I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart. GOD bless you and all of our men and women in the service of this great nation.”

These letters are forwarded to individual troops as requested. It is my privilege to participate in such a profound blessing to both the author of the encouraging words and the recipient of the mail.

New Military Fellowship

Ryan (SBM volunteer) and I held our first Military Fellowship on September 7th at Calvary Chapel Tri-Cities in Kennewick, WA. Twelve people attended representing the Korean, Viet Nam, and Iraq wars. It was awesome. (The food was great too!) We have had even more interest to attend our next meeting in October.

If there isn’t a Military Fellowship in your area, perhaps you would like to get one started. Email me and I’ll be glad to help you … I would be blessed beyond measure to help other fellowships form all across the US!

Military Heritage Bible Publication Update

We have made significant progress on the Military Heritage Bible during the past month; we are anxious to share our excitement with you. As you know, Soldiers Bible Ministry received news from a well-known book publisher that they are eager to move forward with publication. As soon as the contract is finalized, we will be making a formal announcement.

In the meantime, you can learn more about this project at the new website: Please pray with us as this project takes form and we finally see these very special Bibles put into the hands of men and women in uniform, their families, and more.

While we move forward serving the Lord through Soldiers Bible Ministry, we, as all who serve the Lord, have been engaging in spiritual combat of our own. However, we are not thwarted from our efforts because we wear the full armor of God and know “…that the LORD does not save with sword and spear; for the battle is the LORD’s and He will give you [the enemy] into our hands” (1 Samuel 17:47 ).

Thank you for your support and encouragement.

As always, please continue to keep our allied forces personnel and their families in your constant prayers!

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