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Sudan On My Mind

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Mother in SudanA young child with a swollen belly cries from hunger yet a tear cannot be found. A mother searches frantically for water and food since dehydration left her unable to produce milk to nourish her children. A father, frustrated, oppressed and burdened sits by the side of the road hoping someone will drive by and offer him a job or money to buy water and food. Parched animals lie in the field, tongues stuck to the roof of their mouths, listlessly drawing their final breaths. Flies swarm. Dust blows. Sun blazes. Death is in the air.

The picture isn’t pretty. Unfortunately, however, it’s reality for far too many. It’s hardly imaginable as we sit in our comfortable homes, holding our cup of morning coffee, air conditioning running, and the smell of breakfast filling the house. The phone rings, the cellphone beeps. Friends. Fun. Family. We quickly change our focus and get on with our busy lives, perhaps momentarily hoping someone will help those poor people.

Sometimes I’m astounded at how hard-hearted we have become in the West. We’re so enraptured with our lives and things and sense of self-worth that we barely take notice of the majority of the world suffering with lack — not just lack of being able to get our email because the internet is down, but lack of the ability to survive. There’s a stark difference, you know! Email somehow doesn’t even compare to survival and, yet, if our email should happen to get hung up or delayed for a few moments, we feel like our world is falling apart! Yes, we in the West need a change of perspective.

Sudan Needs You!

What would it take for us to make a difference and help save lives? Can people be found to deny themselves the luxury of a Starbucks coffee to help provide a lifesaving source of clean water? Is there anyone out there who feels the burden to get involved?

There is a group of folks going to Sudan this fall. We will be taking whatever we can carry to change the circumstances in one village. There is a desperate need for water and we need your help to build a well. We need somewhere from $7,500 to $10,000 for one well … a well that will not only save the lives of people who have no source for clean water, it will literally bring life to a village desperately in need. The village is remote which drives the huge cost of the well. But, think about it … compared to the amount of money we throw away each year on dining out, vacations, play, hobbies, and such, this is nothing! What it’s going to take is all of us coming together to make a small sacrifice on behalf of those who have nothing.

Don’t stop reading …

One church. One Bible study group. One Sunday School class. One community organization. One family reunion. One bridge club. One ministerial association. One office. One crew. One class. One club.

All it takes is one group of people who will pool their ideas and resources to raise the funds for a life-saving source of clean water to impact an entire village.


But, where is that one? Are you the person who can mobilize your group to get involved? Think about it. Consider the rewards. By providing clean water, you will not only save lives, but you will provide a means by which a village can thrive and become self-sustainable.

“He who oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker,
but whoever is kind to the needy honors God. “

(Proverbs 14:31 NIV)

Sudan Outreach 2012

Heart of God Africa is sponsoring this project. For more information, please contact Denise Matthews or me. We are prayerfully appealing to you, our friends and family, to reach out to the people in Sudan and confirm to them that God hears their cries and has raised up a company of people in loving response.

All donations are tax deductible; every cent designated to the well project will be applied as designated. No administrative expenses will be withheld from your donation for the Sudan well project.

Sudan continues to be on my mind as I prepare for this mission outreach. I am anticipating miracles wrought by the Hand of God through His people. My heart’s cry is that His name should be glorified in Sudan as His provision is seen … YOU can be the one God uses to receive glory from an entire village of Sudanese. What an amazing incentive!

Donate Sudan

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