Monday, March 19, 2018

Christian Article Submission

Thank you for your interest in joining the growing family of JournEzine contributors. Below is our editorial calendar to give you an idea of what types of topics we are looking to publish each month. If this is your first time submitting to JournEzine, please take a moment to read through our submission guidelines, updated November 2011.

Please click here to email your submission or send your email to Jeanice  @  since we have had some mail bounce trouble at the ministry address.  We don’t want to miss your submission!

Calendar of Suggested Monthly Topics

January 2017
Song, Worship, Joy, Humility
February 2017
Creation, Desert Place, Separation
March 2017
The Race, Steps, The Cross
April 2017
Humility, Servant, Watching
May 2017
Integrity, Righteousness of God, The Rock
June 2017
Encouragement, Pastor Appreciation, TeamWork
July 2017
Homeless, Indigenous Ministry, Contentment
August 2017
Making Disciples, Following, Waiting
September 2017
Sacrifice, Offering, Obedience
October 2017
Mercy, Grace, Justice
November 2017
He is, You Are, I Am
December 2017
Vision, Prayer, The Word

*Watch for annual Christmas Story Contest!

..Updated Submission Guidelines (in effect as of November 1, 2011):

  • All submissions must be accompanied by the author’s contact information including full name, complete mailing address, phone number, and valid email address.  Submissions without this information may be rejected and not considered for publication.
  • Please include an up-to-date bio (with or without contact information, whichever is your preference) along with a photograph.   Articles without a bio on file may not be considered for publication.  If you do not have a photo, please submit a small graphic you would like to have included with your bio.  It is helpful if you submit the bio and photograph with each contribution (at the bottom of each contribution or as an attachment).  This ensures that we keep everything up to date and do not have to check files for information.

Additional Guidelines

  • Please only send one (1) article at a time, but feel free to send more than one article for consideration.  It is much easier for our editors to evaluate submissions  and add them to the line up for current or future months if they are sent in individually.
  • For your personal contrinution: please send original articles only – stories or articles YOU have written.  We want our readers to have the pleasure of fresh, new reading material, articles that will bless, encourage, and even challenge.  By submitting articles, you are stating that you are indeed the original author.  Plagiarism will NOT be tolerated.
  • Please feel free to forward articles that you have NOT personally written for specialty areas of interest in JournEzine. For example, if you find a news or international piece that you think might be of interest, please DO send it in. It is imperative that you add the original link so we can obtain permission to publish from the source.
  • Before you submit an article, you may use the search provided on this site to insure that your article hasn’t already been published in JournEzine.  It is okay to send work previously published elsewhere.
  • Send your submission(s) to Jeanice or here:
  • All articles should be less than 1,000 words.  Although this is not a firm rule and your submission will not be rejected only because of its length, it helps us if you will use some form of word counting program to help stay within the limit.  Why do we ask for a limit?  It’s been proven that readers are much more apt to read a shorter article than a longer one.  Time availability and attention spans generally will not allow people to stay focused on articles over 750-1000 words.  We want your work to be a blessing to others so please keep this in mind.  Feel free to add graphics, music, video etc to enhance your work, if you feel led.
  • Please send your submission as a Microsoft Word document (.doc, .docx. or .rtf) as an attachment to your email.  If you don’t have Word, please contact us for other possible formats.

Thank you so much for helping to make JournEzine a premiere Christian Ezine, perused by thousands.

JournEzine is DIVERSE!  Please feel free to send your original cartoonology, devotions, poetry, article, short story, teaching, video blog, music, video, art, interviews, movie or book review etc.  We are pleased and excited about the direction that God has led JournEzine and happy about opening these avenues for you to use your gifts to encourage and be encouraged, to edify and be edified, to  inspire and be inspired!  To God be the glory!    God has given us some wonderful volunteers (please feel free to ask about opportunity, should you be interested).  God has blessed our SEO expert in using his expertise to see JournEzine ranking on the 1st page of Google in many relevant searches, against MILLIONS of others.  God has led many readers to our pages and we rejoice in an increase in readership of  3000% in the last year.  Be encouraged.  God is at work here!

Permissions and Rights Issues

  • By submitting an article for inclusion in JournEzine, you are giving us permission to make minor editorial changes.  Any article requiring extensive editing will be rejected.  Please proof your work before submitting.
  • As the original author of  a contribution, you retain the copyrights.

We are honored that you’re interested in being a contributor for JournEzine.  We want to encourage you to submit articles you’ve written even if you’re not a “writer.”  If you have something to share, write!  Writing is a gift God gives us to communicate His love, His mercy, and His faithfulness.  Your story may be the very thing someone needs to read to bring them encouragement.

Please make note that any article using vulgar or harsh language, or sexual or offensive material will automatically be rejected with no explanation.  This ezine is published to bring Glory to God and Encouragement to His people!

What Are We Looking For?

Our websites are accessed by people from all over the world.  Heart of God International Ministries is an international ministry and has partnerships in other countries. If you have ever travelled overseas, you will understand that the American Church is not typical and it is difficult for Christians in other nations to understand the prosperity message or the more affluent American lifestyle.  Please remember that your words are ministering to those who live in a wide variety of cultures from gospel-hostile nations to our local neighborhoods.  We only ask that our authors write in a way that will not be misunderstood by those in various walks of life.

JournEzine is:

  • Currently an outreach of Heart of God International Ministries, Inc.
  • An interdenominational ministry that is Christ-centered and Word-focused.
  • Made available worldwide through use of the internet.
  • A kingdom-minded ministry that exists to build the Kingdom of God in the hearts of His people by reaching the lost and strengthening those who know Him and love Him.
  • Looking for faith-building, encouraging, and inspiring works that have a practical application or are though provoking or entertaining and a distinct Christian perspective throughout.
  • Will reject contributions that do not reflect in some way the message and truth of Christ.
  • Is accepting well-crafted poetry that is easy to understand.
  • Looking for contributors who will partner with us in our focus to encourage Christians to use the gifts of God to offer them back to Him for His glory.
  • Actively seeking contributions with a Christian worldview.
  • Looking for TESTIMONIES of all kinds!
  • Seeking international and missionary contributors.
  • Looking for articles with emphasis on Christian living, Christian families, and even children’s stories.
  • Eagerly looking for submissions from youth for publication on UthSpot.  UthSpot is a place of opportunity for youth to use their gifts and is a publication by the youth and for the youth.  This includes everything from content, to editing and publishing.  Contact us today to become involved in this innovative concept!  Youth in several countries will be used for this venture, as to encourage a true Christian worldview.
  • Currently seeking volunteers for content, editing, graphics and social media.
  • A not-for-profit organization.  No payment will be made for articles we accept for publication.   Occasionally, a special incentive is offered to authors at the discretion of the publishers.  We retain the right to hold occasional writing challenges in which a small cash prize will be offered to the winner.  Rules and regulations for such challenges will be posted at the time the challenge is announced.

Knowing these guidelines will help you determine whether your article is a good match for our publication.

Contributing to an online magazine such as this is a ministry.  We encourage you to take what you’re doing seriously and never assume what you have to say is insignificant.

Thank you for joining with us on this venture!  We’re privileged to have you consider contributing to our publication and look forward to hearing from you as soon as you have something you feel is what the Lord has led you to submit.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Jeanice McDade
Managing Editor