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Soldiers Bible Ministry Update: Touched By God

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Directly touched by God

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Dreams and Visions
As a member of the foreign security forces defending US military FOB’s, Akiki* was determined to figure out if his dreams meant anything.  Night after night, the same dream repeated over and over.  Night after night, he was left with powerful images in his mind that wouldn’t fade.  Night after night the same words were spoken from the midst of a brilliant light that seemed to be the essence of pure love:  “I have loved you with an everlasting love.”  He could not imagine who or what this was but he had to know and somehow he was sure the chaplain could help him figure this out.  Late at one night when all was quiet, he decided to end this mystery once and for all.


Akiki gently knocked on the door, careful not to disturb everyone. “Sir, it is late but I need you to advise me.”

Chaplain Rick offered his unexpected visitor a warm welcome and asked him to take a seat. Akiki, however, was too nervous to sit and paced across the front of the desk trying to figure out how to put into words what he had been experiencing. Words were hard to come by, especially since English wasn’t his first language.

“Sir, I am confused. As you know, I come from a village in Uganda where all my peoples are Muslim. My family is proud and devout and raised me to follow in their ways.  But I suddenly find myself seeking something more. I’m having dreams that I can’t figure out–the same dream over and over again. I know you are a wise man so I am hoping you can help me.”

Though a single lantern offered the only available light, there seemed to be a warm glow filling the small room.  Chaplain smiled at Akiki and asked him to share the details of his dream he could remember. He listened intently and without interruption while praying for God to bring understanding to his friend. When he was finished, Akiki asked the chaplain what he thought about the dreams. With prayerful wisdom, he began to tell about the love of Christ Jesus, the Messiah, for all people, about his sacrifice and his plan of redemption.

Listening intently while tears welled up in his eyes, Akiki asked if the words “I have loved you with an everlasting love” had any special meaning.

Quickly, the chaplain opened his Bible and began to read aloud:

“I have loved you with an everlasting love;  

I have drawn you with loving-kindness.”
Jeremiah 31:3

“Those are the very words God has spoken to me in my dreams! Night after night, I hear those words. And, now I see God has drawn me through His love. It is the Messiah’s love that has made my heart long for Him! The Messiah loves me and has chosen me!”

This night was the first of many they spent searching scriptures, praying and listening to Holy Spirit’s instruction.

Akiki was only one of the many Muslims who were having similar dreams.  As he began to share with his fellow Ugandans, he was thrilled to learn that many others were experiencing a divine visitation as the Messiah stirred their hearts to seek Him above all others.

The Bible tells us if we will seek Him, He will be found. Akiki found the Messiah along with many others on that military base.



* Names were changed to protect their true identities.
Chaplains’ Requests


Early in the history of Soldiers Bible Ministry, we were amazed when US military chaplains shared stories with us of Muslims coming to them in strict confidence asking about the Messiah Jesus after the Lord had visited them in dreams and visions.  We have met some of these men, spoken with them personally and confirmed their testimonies.  They are all so very similar to the story of Akiki’s dreams as they were personally drawn into relationship with the Messiah through dreams and visions.

This is important for us today because more and more of our military men and women are working side by side with people of the Muslim faith, dealing with the challenges of war in Muslim countries, etc.  War on foreign soil is difficult enough but with the added stress of faith-related opposition makes wartime for our soldiers even more stressful.  Unless you’ve been in their situation, it is difficult to comprehend.

Author Tom Doyle recently published a book on this very topic (you can read about this timely and pertinent book below).  We’ve spoken with US military chaplains who would like to receive a copy of this book from the author so we contacted Mr. Doyle and told him of our plan to purchase in bulk and distribute to requesting chaplains free of charge; he is excited to help us out by personally signing each copy for the chaplains.

Please consider helping us with this initiative.  Each copy of Dreams and Visions will cost us $10.92 (plus shipping).  Can you help us cover the price of one, two or more copies?


Thank you for your prayers and generosity!

With greatest respect and thanks,

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JHoben Sig
John Hoben, Volunteer Executive Director
Soldiers Bible Ministry
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Willard, OH 44890


The Book:  Dreams and Visions
BookDreams and Visions:   Is Jesus Awakening the Muslim World?
By: Tom Doyle
Thomas Nelson / 2012 / Paperback

Dreams and Visions
What would you do if Jesus appeared to you in a dream? What if He came to you in a vision and told y  ou to follow Him? What if these visions continued for over thirty days? Would you believe? Would you put your trust in him? Would you devote your life to him?

Would you if you were Muslim?

Pastor Tom Doyle has spent eleven years as a  full-time missionary in the Middle East and Central Asia, spreading the word of Jesus Christ. Throughout his journey he has encountered a staggering number of Muslims who were first introduced to Jesus through a vision or dream so powerful that they eventually turned from their lifelong religion of Islam and embraced Christ as their Savior. Despite living in a culture where converting to Christianity can result in execution, these former Muslims have found hope, peace, and inspiration that comes from knowing Christ. Their stories will amaze you. Jesus is reaching out to the Muslims and they are responding. Did you know that Iran has the fastest growing church in the world?

Dreams and Visions is a remarkable collection of stories directly from the world of Islam. Doyle not only relates these stories, but also addresses the questions: Why would God use dreams to reach the Muslim world? Can dreams be trusted? What happens after these dreams or visions occur?

Travel to the heart of the Middle East to meet new believers who have truly been touched by Jesus in the most miraculous way, through their nightly dreams.

Heart of God International Ministries | P. O. Box 248 | Willard | OH | 44890




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