Monday, March 19, 2018

What is One Soldier’s Spiritual Readiness Worth to You?

Imagine your son or daughter, husband or wife, overseas, on the front lines facing death each and every day. They are isolated from their country and their families, coping with heat and sand, with a country whose customs are foreign, yet remaining ever vigilant and ever alert. There’s no time to relax, because relaxing could get them killed. They’ve learned to rely upon each other, to have each others’ backs, but you know the limits of human strength. You know that they need more than words and actions that encourage the mind and body. They need the things that encourage the soul, that strengthen the heart. We recently received the following letter from the 22-year old widow of a soldier who died in Iraq:

* * *
Dear John,

I know you have probably received tons of emails since my last one two years ago in March. I had emailed you to request a copy of the small ACU bible for my husband who was deploying to Iraq. I was compelled today to write you a thank you note, in appreciation of your quick response in providing me with the bible requested, to give to my husband. On August 23rd of 2009 my husband’s vehicle was hit by an IED. In all honesty, when I received his personal possessions, relief struck me as I was handed YOUR bible. I just wanted you to know how important your ministry is and how blessed you are for spreading the good news. I personally want to thank you for all that you do. I want you to know that you make a difference everyday. I can not thank you enough.

May God bless you today and everyday,

[Name Withheld]

* * *
In addition to direct support of our men and women in uniform, and their families, SBM also places U.S. military chaplains at the core of our outreach. Military chaplains have a limited, or nearly non-existent, budget to invest in the tools they need to support the men and women to whom they minister. Through SBM, we provide a wide range of Bibles and Bible study materials to help fulfill the needs of military chaplains as they embrace our young men and women with genuine love, emotional support, and spiritual guidance and instruction. Without Soldier’s Bible Ministry, many of our servicemen and women, in addition to our Chaplains, would be left without the materials required to answer the spiritual needs of our military.

We have opened another avenue of ministry to our soldiers and support to our Chaplains, through a musical project called Worship for Warriors™. This project is currently being mastered for replication, and we are thrilled with the opportunity to put this in the hands of every Chaplain, both at home and abroad, to enhance their worship services.

Michal Phillips ( has done an amazing job of compiling, arranging, directing and producing this unique CD. Recently, however, she approached SBM with an opportunity to enhance this project by adding a beautifully produced complementary DVD which provides the words for every hymn on the CD in PowerPoint format to be used in conjunction with the CD in a worship service.

It would be unthinkable to turn down this opportunity
to present a complete package of music and lyrics to our Chaplains,
and that’s why we’re coming to you.

The time and talent donated to this cause amounted to more than ten times our original budget, which only covered our initial obligations towards the CD project. Worship For Warriors™ is graciously offering the DVD at manufacturer’s cost to Soldier’s Bible Ministry. However, with the addition of the DVD plus estimated shipping and distribution costs, we have had to revise our current budget to include the following additional costs:

DVD Replication & Packaging


Shipping (est)


Cost of Distribution (est)


Total Additional Needed


We would like to offer you the opportunity to partner with us on this very important project. I can’t think of a more appropriate way to support the U.S. Military Chaplaincy than to provide a beautiful collection of hymns sung by an all male choir, professionally arranged and recorded, and complemented by a professional quality DVD to project the lyrics to draw the modern day warrior into worship of our Great Almighty God and King. This project was requested by a special forces chaplain serving in Afghanistan who specifically asked for music using all male voices given the situation of his worshipers on the ground.

Your help is needed to meet the expanded content for this project. We’re asking our supporters to prayerfully consider a donation of any amount to help us finalize this excellent offering.

SBM is a member of the Heart of God International Ministries (HGIM) network. If you choose to make a donation from the Soldiers Bible Ministry website, you will be forwarded to a secure donation page on the main HGIM website to complete your transaction. If you have any questions or would like to contribute over the phone, please contact the office at +1.419.933.7000.

Thank you so much for your continued support of Soldiers Bible Ministry. As always, please continue to keep all our troops, allied forces personnel, and all military families in your constant prayers.

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