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Sneak Preview~ Military Heritage Bible

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MHB Sneak Preview #3
From the pages of the Military Heritage Bible



Did you know …


… that not too many years ago, if you were an American, it was understood that you were a Christian?  The United States was a Christian nation and its citizens were not only considered

American but followers of Jesus Christ. Take a moment to read the quote by a Colonial British Governor speaking to the English Board of Trade:

“If you ask an American who is his master,

he will tell you he has none,
nor any Governor but Jesus Christ.” *


While even today many from other countries tend to view the United States as a Christian nation, we have an ongoing conflict within our own borders with entities fighting against this nation’s Christian heritage.  A careful study of early American history will prove that God played a major role in the building of the United States’ government and legal systems while the Bible was the standard for building this new nation’s culture.


The Colonial British Governor quoted above was confident that the United States recognized the God of the Bible and accepted the words of Jesus Christ as the basis for faith and life in early America.  Take a moment to read Mark 12:29-31 and see if you don’t find a close correlation to the Governor’s statement and Jesus’ response to one asking what was the most important of all of God’s commandments:


Y’shua answered him that “First is, ‘Hear O Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is One, and you will love the Lord your God out of yoru whole heart and out of your whole being and out from your whole understanding and out from your whole strength.’ This is the second, ‘You will love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no another commandment greater than these.” (Mark 12:29-31)

The translation of the above verses comes from the One New Man Bible which is being published as the new Military Heritage Bible compiled by Soldiers Bible Ministry.  The One New Man Bible brings  a wonderful and easy to understand appreciation for the power given to  believers for their daily walk, something our men and women in uniform  need to be able to identify with. The Jewish Roots of Christianity come  to life in the One New Man Bible as this translation  brings out the power conveyed to believers through faith in Christ that  has commonly been omitted from traditional English translations — a  perfect fit for those who lay their lives on the line and offer  themselves sacrificially to defend our Constitution.

This and many more powerful quotes by men and women of renown and distinction in America’s history can be found in the new Military Heritage Bible being published by True Potential Publishing. Publication release date is scheduled for April 2012. Updates and more information related to publication will be posted on the website at


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*Hezekiah Niles: Principles and Acts of the Revolution in America, Page 418. (1822)


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