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Slow Down and See

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When I drive I miss so much. I don’t realize what I miss until I ride my bike or run. The slower pace and being outdoors lends to a greater experience of my surroundings. Sight, sound and smell. I am very glad that I have taken up two “sports” in the past two years…running and bicycling. My blog header was a photo taken on a run last fall, and so was the above photo. Capturing details that would be missed totally if I drove by them in my car…

 Similarly, slowing down and walking through scripture is reveals rich details that I miss in a sit-down-read-through of the same text. As I study to teach the Sunday School class on Isaiah, I am seeing and savoring the “landscape” {sight, sound and even the smell} of the text.

Have you noticed that the Cedar tree is frequently mentioned in Scripture? (Mmm, love the fragrance of Cedar!) Have you ever pondered the “why?”

Look at some of the details about the Cedar tree:

Israel has been in captivity in Babylon for 150+ years when this portion of Isaiah is delivered to them. They are feeling parched, barren and dry, as if God has abandoned them. In this particular verse (Isaiah 41:19), God is expressing via His message of comfort and assurance to His people that He will bring this mighty, wonderful tree into the wilderness. Since Israel was not a land with many forests or trees, this would have been significant imagery for the discouraged people who were longing for shade, for familiar smells of their homeland.

For us it is as well. Even on a good day, it is uplifting and beneficial to be reminded that our loving God is able to bring sweet blessings into any barren place. He calls the things that are not as though they are…

Thank you Father for reminding us over and over and over again (because we forget easy!) in your word of your mighty works on behalf your people!


With a passion for prayer and God’s Word, Kathy loves to build women up in their faith and encourage them in devotion to the Lord. She is director of Women’s Ministry in her church where she teaches and leads Bible Studies, organizes and hosts women’s events with her team, publishes a newsletter and mentors several women.

Kathy and her husband Dale own a hobby farm in Western Wisconsin where they raised their two children. Kayla (married to Andrew) made them joyful grandparents of baby Bennett last fall. Ethan is entering his sophomore year in college.

Kathy, a former hairstylist, owns and operates a country gift shop on their farm where she is free to tend her many perennial gardens and her two blogs in between shoppers stopping in. Kathy can be found at: Blessed Builder and Bittersweet Farm Gift Shop. You may email her at

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One Response to “Slow Down and See”
  1. Please forgive me for mistaking the fact that the number of years that Israel had been in captivity was 150. It was more like 50 years, but the message of Isaiah 40-66 was given 150 years before it was delivered to Israel {It was given before captivity to be delivered after}

    Kathy Schwanke

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