Sunday, March 18, 2018

Situation Tense in Gujranwala

Muslims attack the Christians living in Gulzar colony, Gujranwala. A burned quran was found from the Christian graveyard Saturday morning. The Muslims got furious and made announcements on the speakers to attack the Christians. Father Abid James said, ” On Friday the Muslims had planned to protest against the Christians, but the authorities didnt allow any protests or processions. Even the Friday prayers were not loud as they usually are. No Christian would be stupid enough to burn a quran in such an intense situation, as the Christians are already living under fear in Gujranwala. There has been a wave of fear among the Christians in Gujranwala and this incident has added fuel to the fire.”

The Muslims in mobs attacked Gulazar colony, they threw stones and gunshots were fired at the Christian colony.  The mob also attacked the CTTC ( Christian Technical Training Center). The police tried to stop the mob, but they threw stones at the police, the police managed to arrest a few attackers, then the women came on the streets and protested against the Christians and chanted slogans against the local authorities. According to the reports the mob has blamed Pastor Eric Isaac for burning the quran and throwing it in the Gulzar colony grave yard. The Police has arrested Pastor Isaac, there are reports of several Christians being injured.

Kamil Nasir  a resident of Gujranwala said, ” Many Christians have left Gujranwala, many have sent their families away. My residence is just near the area under attack, the compound wall is broken, even the main gate is missing. A Young man was coming home today, he saw the mob attacking Gulzar colony, although the mob didnt attack him, but he died of heart failure. The police has arrested some protesters, a large number of police officers have been deployed near Gulzar Colony to control the situation. There is also a possibility of rangers being called for increasing the security. The announcements have been made in the mosques to gather in the mosques for evening prayers.”

Father Luke Gill said, ” Today morning the announcements were made to attack the Christians, burn their houses. They attacked the Christians, tried to burn the houses, the police tried to stop the furious mobs. They even tried to attack the Churches, Pastor Eric Isaac has already been arrested. In the Afternoon when the police managed to control the situation, a large contingent has been deployed to make sure that the mobs dont gather or attack again. But the police cant stop them for long, if the mobs get bigger and come from different areas the police will be helpless, there is a wave of uncertainty, anything can happen.”

Sumbal Gill a resident of Gulzar Colony said, ” The moment the announcements were made against the Christians, I rushed out and brought my children inside and my husband called me and asked me to take the Children and leave the area. I was in a state of shock, I didnt think for another second, without even locking the house I grabbed my children and immediately left Gulzar colony and went to my parents house away from Gujranwala. My husband is still in Gujranwala, he went home to lock the house, I am scared, my children are scared, we are anxiously waiting for him to reach here. ” With tears in her Sumbal Gill said, “We are living in constant fear. My children keep asking me why are the Muslims attacking us?What did we do? when will Papa come to us? How long will we be here? I dont have the answers ”

The situation in Gujranwala was already critical due to the recent allegations on Mr. Mushtaq Gill and his son Farrukh Mushqat Gill. Mr. Mushtaq Gill is the Vice principal of CTTC ( Christian Technical Training Center) and was arrested by the police along with his son on the allegations of burning the quran on 15th April. 2011. Mr. Rizwan Paul from Life for All said, ” We are in touch with the authorities and probing the matter in detail as the issue is under investigation. We are praying and hope that the Gojra incident is not repeated in Gujranwala.”


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