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Refine me as silver, Lord

Make me your own

Mold me and shape me

From your righteous throne


Jesus, my Savior

My trust is in you

To take this old sinner

And make something new


Without you, I’m nothing

But with you, I’m whole.

The blood that you spilled for me

Has redeemed my soul


Because of your promises

I can be sure

Refine me as silver, Lord

Make my heart pure.


Christine lives in the Lake Travis area of Austin, TX with her handsome hubby, dogs, cats, and little family of deer.  At 34 years old and a fairly new Christian, she claims to be something between being a worthless chunk of coal and something beautiful.  She’s been a lot of different people over those years and is not proud of most of them.  But when she gave her life to Christ about 10 years ago, she gave up all those people and became something new.  These days, she strives to be a gracious person; one of warmth, compassion, and kindness.  But growing up the way she did, learning to defend and protect herself at all costs, she still struggles with that wounded animal inner soul of herself that isn’t all that happy about life in this new skin.  Living graciously takes courage and requires vulnerability.  And she doesn’t come by either trait naturally.

But when God spoke to her and asked her to share her story, He asked for transparency.  He didn’t ask her to tell the pretty fluffy stories she would like to believe for herself, but the dirty, grimy truth of her journey.  At first, she balked at that idea.  She tried arguing, negotiating, and just plain ignoring God.  But she quickly discerned that they only thing scarier than saying “yes” to God, was saying. “no.”  She realized that her fears and anxieties in allowing herself to be vulnerable are simply nothing compared to His sacrifice.  So for His glory and of her weakness, she writes.

Christine tries to tell the story of who she was and who she really is now – a chubby Realtor from Austin with a messed up childhood and long road to redemption. Still having so much to learn, she gets up every day and tries to live this life the very best way she knows how; by following Him.  Sometimes she get it just a little bit right.  Often, she get it a little bit wrong. But as she puts it, “When it comes down to it all, I am human and I am a mess. But I am His.”


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