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Serve In Truth

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The mercy of God is one attribute that everyone finds easy to live with. If we’re honest with ourselves, we often think, “God is merciful, He’ll understand” when trying to ease our conscience as we face difficult decisions. Even those that have not made Jesus Lord of their lives count on God’s mercy thinking that He is too “good” to allow them to be eternally separated from Him even though they never made a commitment to Him.

The fear of God, however, is another story. Our relationship with the Lord is nothing to be taken lightly. It is a serious duty we are called to time and time again throughout scripture. To fear Him is to honor Him, to reverence Him, to count Him worthy of our undivided love and adoration. We must be filled with truth and sincerity, godly conversation, true worship, not in show only or in meaningless empty words, but in everything we are, everything we say, and everything we do.

Only fear the LORD, and serve him in truth with all your heart: for consider how great things he hath done for you.” (1 Samuel 12:24)

We cannot afford to present ourselves as being divided; as the world looks on they need to see single-mindedness, direction, integrity, love, devotion—all attributes that will point them to the Source of our entire being.

Let the world see that we are bound to Him in service because of all the wonderful things He’s done for us. We could never hope to repay him through our works, but we are compelled to work for Him because of our love and gratitude.

Fear Him in truth with all your heart. Serve Him in truth with all your heart.

Father, help me never take for granted Your mercy which You have extended to me through your Son, Jesus Christ. Help me never forget Your benefits. Put a guard over my mouth, Lord, that nothing be said that would rob You of the glory and reverence due Your name. Be with me today, Lord, and help me fear You with every word, act, and deed, with every fiber of my being. All honor and glory is yours oh Lord, because of Who You are, my God and my King. Amen.

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