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SECOND PLACE: Enough Room by Donna Powers

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Place-2Have you seen Callie?” I shouted across the lawn.

Brandon looked up shoveling the walkway and gazed quickly across the front and back yards. He shook his head no. He went back to work, but I was worried. Callie knew we were going to the hospital to see Grandpa Bob today, and she had seemed more introspective after learning about Grandpa’s heart transplant.  Callie was very close to her grandparents, and I’d chalked it up to worry about his condition.  We had prayed together yesterday morning, before the scheduled surgery, but I had sensed her ongoing concern.

I looked in the living room; all the favorite hiding places held no Callies. I checked the bedrooms, the bathrooms and even the cellar and attic.

There was one place left to look. I walked next door, to the church where Brandon was pastor.  There I found her, kneeling by the church’s manger scene.  Her usually smiling face was wreathed with tears.

I gently scooped her into my arms. “Callie, what is it, sweetie?  You remember, I told you: Grandma Doris called and Grandpa Bob’s heart operation went fine!  He’ll be OK, sweetheart!”

Her face was still troubled. “It’s not that, Mama. I know the doctors put that new heart inside him, like you said.  And Grandma told me he was asking for his ‘Little Calliope’ so I know he wants me to come see him.”

I used a tissue from my purse to wipe away her tears.  “So what is it?”

“Oh, Mama, what if that new heart doesn’t have any room?”

I didn’t understand. “Room for what, Callie? Grandpa Bob doesn’t need his pacemaker anymore.”

“No, Mama.”  She squirmed free from my arms and inched closer to the manger.  She pointed within. “Room for Him.”

I finally got it. She was pointing to the Baby Jesus.

Callie continued. “I know Grandpa Bob had Jesus in his heart, like you and me and Daddy. But I don’t know the person whose heart went into Grandpa’s body.  So, I don’t know if that heart had room for Jesus. So I’ve been asking Baby Jesus if He can go into Grandpa’s new heart.  Baby Jesus is so small; even if the new heart doesn’t have much room, I bet He can fit in there!”

I smiled, through my tears and held her close.  Later, I’ll try to explain to her the difference between body and soul.  Later, I’ll show her an illustration of a human heart and point to all its chambers.  But for now, I will honor her simple faith, and help her ease her mind. I will join her in prayer, and ask Baby Jesus to be sure He is living in Grandpa Bob’s new heart.



Donna Powers is a hospice nurse and freelance author, currently living in Euclid Ohio.  Donna enjoys writing stories that reflect the way God impacts our everyday life.  She is very grateful to God for all the blessings in her own life. Many of her stories can be found on the Faithwriters’ website.  She is a mother and grandmother.  In her spare time, she enjoys reading and needlecrafts.   


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