Saturday, March 24, 2018

Nothing New Under the Sun in Isra’el

In the book of Kohelet, which means Preacher in Hebrew, the writer we assume to be Solomon says there is nothing new under the sun. So it is today–nothing new is occurring. Even with our increase in knowledge and technology, we just produce advanced levels of the same things that have been with us—communication, transportation, medicine and unfortunately, warfare. What has been will be, and what will be has been.

It is the same with Isra’el. Today, militant Arabs spread lies and propaganda against Isra’el and win the world’s support–the world, governed by Satan and his minions. Little wonder Jews must go it alone. The Jews make up .2% of the population of the world, but there is no greater race on earth. There is no class of people more intelligent. No other people are more advanced in the fields of medicine, technology and warfare. They are a people blessed of God, yet hated by the world and even more so by Arabs. But this is nothing new under the sun.

Consider Ezra chapter four. It says that when the enemies of Y’hudah (Judah) and Binyamin (Benjamin) heard the Jews had returned from exile and were rebuilding the Temple, they approached the leaders and said they wanted to help. But the leaders said no. “You and we have nothing in common that you should join us in building a house for our God. We will build by ourselves for Adonai the God of Israel, as Koresh (Cyrus) king of Persia ordered us to do.”

Now, notice what the surrounding neighbors did next. They hindered, or discouraged the Jews in order to make them afraid to continue building. They bribed officials throughout reign of Koresh and into the reign of Daryavesh (Darius) to frustrate the plans of the Jews. Sound familiar today? But they didn’t stop there–they wrote a letter against Yerushalayim and the inhabitants of Y’hudah and sent it to king Achashverosh (Ahasuerus), and wrote another letter during the reign of Artach’shastah (Artaxerxes), complaining about the Jews and accusing them of being rebellious like their forefathers, and maintaining that they would rob the king of his revenue. If you read the book of Nechemyah (Nehemiah) you will find the same things happened after he arrived and continued with the building of the wall around Yerushalayim!

Nothing new is happening in the Middle East, with regard to Israel. The Arab lies and complaints continue to this day, and Jews must defend, not only their tiny strip of God-given land, but their character and actions as well. This small area of land occupies approximately .23% of the surrounding Arab lands. This makes the Arabs’ claims seem utterly ridiculous, but they are dead serious in wanting the whole of Israel. Although the wording of the PLO charter has been changed, their loudly proclaimed goal is the total annihilation of Jews for the purpose of obtaining all of Israel. A satanic strategy if ever there was one!!

As I have stated, there is nothing new under the sun. We need to be in prayer for God’s beloved land and people. We need to pray for the shalom (peace) of Yerushalayim, Tehillim (Psalm) 122:6 and hold fast to the promises of Tehillim 121:

“If I raise my eyes to the hills, from where will my help come? My help comes from Adonai, the maker of heaven and earth. He will not let your foot slip—your Guardian is not asleep. No, the Guardian of Isra’el never slumbers or sleeps. Adonai is your Guardian; at your right hand Adonai provides you with shade–the sun can’t strike you during the day, or even the moon by night. Adonai will guard you against all harm; He will guard your life. Adonai will guard your coming and going from now on and forever.”
The Complete Jewish Bible

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