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Relationship With God

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As believers called to walk in the way, I feel this is a broad and most
necessary topic to ponder.


Without getting really cliche, who is it that you now, or have previously, had a relationship with? Whom have you been hurt and been able to talk about it with? What is it that is so personal in your life you could not talk to anyone about it but ….? We cannot talk to the data entry person about what stirs our feelings or has left us feeling assaulted. The truth is, the bartender and the counselor don’t really care.

There are just certain people we can talk to about our innermost feelings.
They really care. The postman doesn’t. It will just be annoying to them.

What is the difference, we have a relationship with them. Whether we agree about most things or not, there is a unity, because a relationship is


Did you ever notice how some people are just well acquainted and in touch with the Spirit of God, and others seem to speak from head knowledge with a distance in their words, while others just ooze and bubble with the same words? The difference is where our spirit is
rooted. Do we taste of that “hidden manna” of the spirit? Do we know about that “secret place” of the spirit, or are these just little “pie in the sky” analogies mean nothing  to us? Just as relationship between two people, relationship with God is a spiritual bonding. It comes with finding agreement in who the other is on a deeper spiritual basis (the very thing so many failing marriages are lacking). The “pneuma” spirit within us finds commonality and relates to God’s as He meets with us at whatever point we are.


The spirits we give place to is what determines our attitudes that govern our activities and modify our lives to adjust to those very spiritual forces that invoke the attitude. Our spiritual impulses should always modify and expound our God. That way we are feeding on righteousness and growing in the same. If our relationship with God is good, just as it would be with our best friend, it will be a pleasure to do for them.  Our relationship with God will determine how much we allow ourselves to be covered in the grace he desires to drench our lives with.


Do you remember that person you
have a relationship with? How did it come about? You might have just liked them from
word “Go”, but more chances than not it was developed. All of us are born in sin, and none of us are automatically in relationship with God. It must be developed. Just as with our spouse, sisters, leaders or any such, we must spend time becoming acquainted with our God and He will bless all efforts founded in Him. We must, however, take time to gain from Him and what He offers. We must learn of Him and get to know Him on a personal level, or that “relationship” will never form. That is at least one point of the disciplines: prayer; scripture; praise, meditation; worship; fellowship, etc. These things help us to know Him better. Communion isn’t about eating crackers and drinking a half shot of grape juice. Communion is about knowing the pleasant divine persona of our
God on a spirit to Spirit basis. Our singing in corporate worship should not be what we do during that time of the service when we move our lips to feel like we are participating and make the song leader feel alright about us. Rather it should expound prayers, exhortations or declarations to our spirit and to Him to declare the oneness of friendship found in His divinity, and acknowledgment that He has lavishly poured out most needed grace abundantly toward us.

Near every 16-25ish person goes through the episode of “needing to find themselves”. They search for meaning in life. That is a period of suicide and mental depression, despite the fact that spirits run high there. Without our God in the picture, life is filled with randomness, and
there is no logic nor meaning to be found. He is the source of all true value.  Any other spiritual leaning will only yield pain, confusion, shame, strife and every bad thing. We were created to be in unity, fellowship and relationship with God. It is formatted within our being that we will find our “completeness” in filling our created goal. When we as a spiritual entity fill our role to allow His Spirit to intermingle with ours, we will experience that true value we seek. We become nothing more than a follower of God, but we become every bit of that. Our lives take solidity because we they become fulfilled in the purpose we were created to fill, and there is a blessing in it. Once we truly experientially allow Him to woo and to interlace us into His Spirit, our hearts are made joyful in Him, and take on a depth of meaning we never knew we had. The greater our relationship grows with our God, the more directly we hear His voice, and the more power we see operating about us in our behalf. The more
significant He becomes and the more we understand what is going on around us, toward us and through us, because it all works around our relationship with Him.

COLOSSIANS 1:17, 19 And He is before all things, and by Him all things
consist, For it pleased the Father that in Him should all fullness dwell.



This God whom created the world when nothing else existed desires you to know Him as personally as He already knows you. You are the apple of His eye. You are the most important thing in existence to Him.

That is why He created everything else just right before He placed us here.  He already knew where we would bring Him sorrow. He loves us just the same.

All those parables and stories of the prophets were written to bring us
edification. He loves you. He rejoices over YOU with singing, and desires that you should come to know Him. Once we gain this personal relationship with Him, we wonder why we wasted so much of our lives before we experienced His majesty and grandeur, His love, guidance and concern for us. He offers our lives true splendor, light and beauty we will otherwise never know. The most significant thing this life offers, and the greatest depth of meaning we will ever experience is the blessing of relationship found in His presence available to us every minute.

God richly bless you all!



David Miller: I am but a merest servant of our God. I have no credentials. There is no great “about the author” role nor portrait I can paint into words. No great
contributions to society, no grand accomplishments to point to. I am nothing
except what my God chooses to work through me. I am exceedingly blessed that He
has chosen me to do anything through in or with. I am not one for another to
look toward. I am merely a voice showing where truth has been trampled, and
seeking to knock a few of the dead leaves off the path that others might pick up
on the direction of the path. Occasionally my God is gracious to offer me
glimpses of insight others may have missed, or to wipe away the dust that the
depth of what He would reveal might be made manifest.

David  Miller can be reached at:

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