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Regal Staging

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This morning I woke up unprepared for what the next hour would bring. The normal routine began with coffee and trying to wake up in order to spend some time reading and considering the Word. Gracie, our 3-1/2 year old cockapoo decided she needed to go outside, so I grabbed her leash and opened the back door as she led me out onto the patio. As she busied herself taking care of her needs, my breath was nearly taken away as my attention was seized by the landscape surrounding me. Immediately, I sensed the presence of the Lord.

After contemplating such majestic scenery, I came inside to try to capture with words the regal staging: The glistening grass shimmers in the morning’s light as the dew reflects the rays of the sun filtering through the mist. Oh, what glory! Oh, such beauty! Behold, the Artist’s living portrait is on display! Draw us closer, precious Lord, that our eyes might perceive Your beauty in all things. Teach us to look for Your presence every minute of every day. Amen!

I’m drawn to consider His mercy, a gift so undeserved yet so lavishly given to us simply because of God’s love for us. A song continues to reverberate throughout my entire being, one phrase in particular: “Your mercy goes much deeper, father than I can see.

I am reminded of Psalm 36:5. “Thy mercy, O LORD, is in the heavens; and thy faithfulness reacheth unto the clouds.

God’s mercy and faithfulness toward us is totally unmerited and undeserved. Mercy and faithfulness are attributes of God which are passed on to us because of His goodness and for His pleasure.

What an awesome thought that fits perfectly into the “Art Show” witnessed this morning. It is for His own pleasure that He is merciful. His mercy is visible in His artistry. It pleases Him to be forever faithful toward us even though we don’t deserve it. There are times I feel like a freeloader, partaking of His gift of mercy and faithfulness yet failing to pay the price. Yet, to receive His mercy and to recognize and trust in His faithfulness is a form of praise to the Most High God. He is glorified as we learn to walk in the fullness of all He gave us so freely.

His hand of mercy can be seen in our lives each day as we sense His faithfulness to us in spite of our shortcomings. With humility of heart and meekness of spirit, we offer our sacrifice of praise to One who gives such a precious, costly gift. Our gift back to Him consists of our love, devotion, adoration and most importantly, our obedience.

Take a few moments right now to thank Him for His MERCY and FAITHFULNESS. God IS good and His mercy endures forever. I need His mercy more every day and am so grateful it goes so much deeper, farther than we can see.

Your mercy, Lord, is deep, reaching parts of our lives we aren’t even aware of, cleansing us and perfecting us, accepting us wholly and deeply. Your faithfulness is beyond measure. Thank you, Lord for Your mercy which goes much deeper, farther than I can see. Amen.

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