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Red is the Color of Both Santa and satan

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“With another Halloween in the books, temperatures dropping and Thanksgiving just around the corner, we know that Christmas is soon to be knocking on the Holiday door. With the fast approach of Christmas comes the annual persecution complex of many in the greater Christian community who seem to think that anyone who does not celebrate Christmas just as they do must hate God and His followers and probably worships Satan between shifts at the Starbucks or Barnes and Noble.

Generally, these accusations result from a business failing to use the term Christmas in their advertising campaigns or personal greetings in the place of business. This year, however, all it took in the case of Starbucks was the decision to use a solid red cup rather than one with snowflakes or some other more festive design. Since we all know that red is the color of both Santa and Satan, it is obvious that all good Christians should avoid drinking their coffee. To be safe, you should probably post something on social media boldly proclaiming your indignation. How dare they attack Jesus with their pagan red cups?!

In case you are unsure of my position, I think this whiny persecution complex is ridiculous. First of all, we should not be so easily offended. Second of all, there are people in our world facing genuine persecution – actually dying for Christ – while we complain about coffee cups and Christmas card slogans. Lastly, I don’t think my Savior cares one bit about the color of a coffee cup or how many times a retailer might use His name in an advertising campaign.

Jesus didn’t live and die to establish a holiday in His name! He lived and died to redeem a people for His glory. Unsaved people abandoning Christian tradition is of far less concern to God than His own people abandoning Christian conduct. Whether or not you personally get caught up in these anti-political correctness shenanigans at Christmas, I hope you will pause for a moment to think about what a wonderful opportunity this time of year can be to fulfill your purpose of manifesting the love of Christ for His glory.

Instead of berating the man that wishes you a “Happy Holiday”, perhaps you could wish him one back and talk about your source of happiness. Instead of angrily ranting about those who want to keep Christ out of Christmas, you could lovingly discuss what you’re doing to keep Him in it. Instead of refusing to give your money to anyone that doesn’t promote Christmas, why not donate to a charity that helps those that don’t know Christ at all? Instead of being the stereotypical angry Christians, let’s shock the world by being the kindest, most generous, most loving people they come across this Christmas season.

I’m certainly not against keeping Christ in Christmas, but I think it’s high time that true Christians put more effort into keeping Christ in Christian than trying to make the world keep Christ in Christmas.”

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