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Politically Correct Christianity

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“…but speaking the truth in love, may grow up in all things into Him who is the head___Christ. From whom the whole body knit together by what every joint supplies, according to the effective working by which every part does its share, causes growth of the body for the edifying of itself in love,” (Eph. 4:15-16)

Political Correct Christianity will always fail…why because God is anything but politically correct. He makes us choose sides, directions, truth, growth or not. He said follow me. This means we are going to have to get up and walk, most likely. When people suggest that others are responsible for their growth in Him, they are lying not only to themselves, but to God. Unfortunately, they also may lie to the Body, using false humility as a snare. Yet we must remember, fear of man proves to be a snare but those who trust in the Lord are kept safe. (Proverbs 29:25), regardless of anyone else’s opinion.

Be sober and vigilant, Peter declares, not soppy and variable (1 Peter 5:8-9 ). And what are we offered before this instruction? We are offered complete reliance on Him: ”Humble yourselves under His mighty hand and He will exalt you in due time, casting your cares upon Him, for He cares for you.” (1Pet 5:6-7). It is from humility we derive that freedom, not from manipulating others to change or bend to our desires/demands, but humbling ourselves to the only One who can genuinely lift us up. This still is not DIY (Do it Yourself) Christianity, but neither is it group therapy where we dump upon others our responsibility to grow up into all things in Him. Bearing one another’s burdens does not mean we take responsibility for them or in their personal growth in Him. False humility will tell you to keep dragging their old man around if you want to be seen as a ’good’ Christian. The only good there is will not be found in carrying what others refuse to carry themselves and refuse to turn over to Him. This is where we become “God” for others and, although temporarily, we may feel needed and important. This soon turns sour, when we disappoint the one pleading weakness and inability to cope over weeks, months, or years.

Why are we instructed to gird up our loins (1Pet. 1:13)? Doesn’t sound like a sweet, kind message, but in the end it means freedom, for it is to understand the grace of God through Jesus Christ and to no longer delve into our former lusts; including stubbornness to grow or yield. His grace is what is sufficient not other people’s support of us. Many will not only take advantage of this but will also blame and condemn the very people they have come to depend on, for not meeting their needs. But Who is the only One who can fulfill us, meet our every need and give us wholeness? God Himself and He has already done it! We have the fullness of the God-head living in us. We are complete in Him. It really is denying that He came in the flesh, if we expect others to fulfill what only He can. It is a matter of the heart. We are to examine ourselves: 2 Corinthians 13:5. Why do some claim they love Him one day and doubt Him the next and this isn’t a minor moment of: “I wonder if God will answer that prayer?” This is “There is no God” or “He never really loved me anyway” and it is not a once off event. It is a regular pattern. Who is responsible for that relationship? Is it someone external to it? Grace doesn’t mean you have no responsibility, it means your responsibility is to agree/believe He is who He says He is. For whoever wishes to draw nearer to God must believe that He exists and that He will reward those who earnestly seek Him or those who ask others to seek Him for them. (PCT) that is the politically correct translation. Hebrews 11:6

The truth is we are not responsible for others’ failures. God does not judge you for your neighbor’s refusal of Him; neither does He judge you for your friend’s unwillingness to grow up or your children’s choice of mate, your spouse’s addictions, or their roller coaster ride with God. Up: in love with Him one minute. Down: questioning His existence the next. You are redeemed, set free from all curses, even other people’s that they refuse to lay down. The Lord is the Spirit and where the Spirit of the Lord is there is Liberty. Unfortunately, much of the Church has been taught that they are not free and live their lives in bondage to others instead of slaves of God. Attempting to clean up everyone else’s lives in order to prove they really are good Christians, only proves you are subservient to man, not God. We should seek to please God, not man even if it looks harsh to those looking on. We are not to be emotionally bullied or blackmailed by others who report to the flock the insensitivity of the one they claim they love and from whom they have sought help. This is more like high school, than many members in One Body. In Ephesians 4:16, we are told that everyone has a part and does its share…not drains the rest. No Body can function effectively like that.

Jesus prayed for Peter, as He knew satan was sifting him as wheat but He could not be the one to repent for him from denying his Master 3 times. Their encounter on the beach, while Jesus cooked fish for breakfast cleared the air and committed Peter’s heart. “Do you LOVE me?” (3X.) They had unfinished business and when it was completed, Peter was ready for what he had been born for and Jesus was not responsible for Peter’s failure anymore than we are responsible for others’ failures. SUCH LIBERTY! The political correct Christian response is “I have to bear their burden until they get free”. Yet He told us to give our burdens to Him not others. Bearing a burden someone else refuses to deal with is the height of immaturity, on the part of the one who refuses. How is that an act of Love on anyone’s part? If we attempt to bear it for them, not with them in the sense we pray or instruct, but then they refuse after weeks or months of assistance as they point the finger in your direction for their own failing? It is not our responsibility. No this is stubbornly remaining a ‘baby’ (immature) for life and no one is responsible for that in someone else. Let’s not practice co-dependence and call it Christian love; instead let us practice dependence on Him and call it LIBERTY. It is time for ‘Game Over’and life to begin in Him. Are we up for the challenge? Was the Cross worth it (enough) for us? Can we LOVE Him who loved us so lavishly before we ever were born let alone received Him?

Jesus didn’t chase after the ones who left when He told them eat my flesh and drink my blood (although He was sad). They independently chose to walk away. He is worth it! It is a race to run, not an endeavor to avoid (and He has equipped us profusely with all good gifts to complete it triumphantly) We are free from the law, the curse and sin itself. Let’s start living like it is true. That part is our responsibility. And we never do this alone for He never leaves us nor forsakes us but instead sent His very Spirit to indwell us. Do we believe it? We can’t believe for others anymore than God can. Believing is personal and of the heart. Although faith comes by hearing, taking seminars and going to conferences or using mentors, teachings, etc. alone will not give you faith. He makes it incredibly simple, confess with your mouth Jesus Christ (and that is an assurance He is the Son of God) and believe in your heart that God rose Him from the dead and you will be saved. The believing is our part and when you realize the depth of His love and commit unto Him your whole heart (not just mental agreement that changes like the wind) you will always know no matter what you are HIS.

If we give our whole hearts, we get His in exchange and we become NEW CREATIONS. That’s our Daddy, Holy Ghost and Savoir!

“But we have not received the spirit of the world, but the Spirit which is from God, in order that we might know the things given to us by God.” 1st Corinthians 2:12


My love affair with the Lord began on a small island off of Australia. He revealed the depth of His love. Opened my heart to what the Cross actually achieved and what He had to pay to accomplish such a final solution. Separating Himself from Himself for me (on the Cross). I fell in love in that instant and I was finished…finished looking for God, finished fighting Him, finished listening to any other possibility. Radically saved, I have never been the same….much like Paul, I was chief of sinners and forgiven much I have only one choice, to love much.

He has taken me all over the world and continues to do so…from Africa to Asia and many as yet, untravelled places. My ministry is all Spirit led, even to the point of giving Him my mouth to use as He sees fit, moment by moment. Whether teaching or preaching, He determines what is said, what is needed by the hearer and what will move their heart, heal their bodies and give them liberty. He has had me write articles, e-journals (on knowing Holy Spirit personally) and present weekly live Skype teachings on the subject of His (Holy Spirit’s) choice. Healing has been another area He has had me focus upon.

My online live and in person healing ministry has produced such amazing miracles, (from malaria to cancer being healed), I sometimes wonder if I was even involved. But that is the greatness of our God. Teaching other believers their birthright in healing has also been a privilege. So whether I am in a Western country or the rural areas of Africa, believers learn about Holy Spirit and is essential role in their lives as a Person, the truth about grace and the Gospel and how to minister healing to their own families and neighbours. It is a full life and I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

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