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Peace…a Refuge of Sustainment Until The Storm Passes

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Most times, we think of peace, as a time of rest…a time away from the world and the problems that associate us with the world but peace is really a time, when we have a calm assurance, that God has everything under control…a time when we can settle back and know in our hearts and minds, that our God will take care of us.

John 14:27 says…”Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.”

The world’s definition of peace; is to be free from problems. They only identify with the word, “peace”, when everything seems to be going their way but on the other hand; we as Christians should view the word “peace,” in a different way. We should be experiencing peace, even in the midst of the storm.

When a hurricane hits; the quietest part of the storm, is in the midst or eye of the hurricane. Everything around the eye of the hurricane can be destructive but if someone was to enter the eye of the storm, they would find a calmness that would make them think that there was no storm at all. In a similar way; we need to remember that God’s peace can be found too, in the midst or eye of our storm. We don’t have to wait until the storm completely passes by, in order to experience God’s peace. The storm may seem fierce, as it rages around us but when we can discover a place, where we can rest in the peace of God; then we will find a shelter, that will take us away from the blunt of the storm and sustain us.

Our storm today may seem as though it’s the strength of a thunderstorm, while other times, we may feel as if a hurricane is headed our direction; but one thing we need to remember…we don’t have to be beaten up by the effects of the storm. There is a place, where God can take us…a place, where we don’t feel the effects of the storm, feeling only His perfect peace and sustainment; where we can be sheltered, until the storm has passed by.

I pray that we will not allow our circumstances to whip us around and become destructive in our lives; but that we will seek God’s peace and pursue it; that we may discover a shelter, where we will be safe and filled with a peace that only comes from the presence of God. See you tomorrow!

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