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Pansies, Marigolds, and Begonias

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Pansies, Marigolds, and Begonias
By Betty Overstreet


Shopping till we dropped—into the nearest restaurant for lunch! That is how Mother and I did her shopping.

She had given up quite a bit of her independence in recent years. First her eyesight began to fail just enough that she knew she had to give up driving. Of course, giving up driving meant selling her pride and joy—the 1965 Chevy Malibu that she had so enjoyed.

When she stopped driving I began taking her to do her shopping, always allowing her to pick out each item as we pushed the shopping cart through the stores. If she needed to buy new cloths or household necessities we went to her favorite store, Mervyns.

If I saw something on sale she would ask, “Betty, is that the brand I always use?” , and I would say, “Mother, they look like the same panties but they aren’t the same brand.”

“ Well, you know I always buy the same ones if they are on sale or not.”

“ Alright, it’s your money, we will get the ones you like.”

We went to the stores she knew and she would direct me to where each needed item was. In the grocery stores she could always tell if the tomatoes, cantaloupes and bananas were just the right ripeness! She would tell me what she needed and I searched until I found just the right can, box or frozen entre.

My favorite shopping trip with Mother was in the spring of the year when she was ready to start, “Getting the yard in shape”, after the winter rains had stopped. My mom had a green thumb like you can not believe! She spent hours each day digging and pruning. It was her most enjoyable activity and every spring she had to buy lots and lots of new pansies, marigolds, begonia’s and any other flower that was strikingly beautiful.

I love gardening as much as she did ( I don’t spend quite as much time at it as she did!) but I never had the money to just go up and down the isles of the garden shops and pick up whatever I wanted so, shopping with Mother for spring plants was the ultimate shopping trip. This was her once a year extravagant binge so she was always prepared to pay whatever the cash register rang up for her treasures.

When we finished with all the shopping she always insisted on taking me out to lunch in exchange for me driving her all over town, so, our fun day ended, usually at Marie Calendars restaurant over big steaming bowls of soup and huge slices of cornbread.

Mother has been gone to the Big Garden in the sky now for several years but each spring, when I drive down to the garden shops to buy my spring blooming plants I recall those days with my mom, choosing just the right brand panties and the most beautiful shade of pansies and my car always wants to turn in at Marie Calendar’s restaurant!!

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