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Uganda Update – Men Ministering to Men

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I’m honored to share with you the reports from three of the men who participated in the Men’s Conference in Uganda.  As you’ll see, the Men’s Conference was well received with over 100 men/pastors and church leaders. The team comprising of Mark Matthews, Aaron Green, Ben Carrier, Paul Lemhkul, and Scott Ingram taught for four days on being Biblical leaders in the home, church and community.

This was the first conference of it’s kind in Tororo. A radio broadcast interview with RockMambo Radio Uganda was done on the last day. Additionally, more than 30 Bibles were distributed during the conference.

Mark, Paul and Aaron share their thoughts and reactions to the Conference and the trip in general.  What a blessing it is to share this with you!

Men’s Ministry Report by Mark Matthews
As I reflect back on our trip to Uganda, I am humbled that God would use us the way He did. My primary focus was the Pastor’s Conference that went from Tuesday – Friday of our first week there. While all of us men were involved in other aspects of our trip, I will focus on the conference. The reports by the others address the other ministries that were going on during our 2 weeks there, which we were privileged to take part in.

I awoke at 4:30 that morning of the first day of the conference and was going over in my mind what I would talk about. I had set up the Pastor’s conference with a set agenda but as men were added to our team, I incorporated them into the program giving them the topics for discussion but allowing God to work in their preparation as He saw fit. At no time did I make suggestions as to what to say or speak about. When we arrived in Tororo the night before the conference, the men and I got together and discussed what we would talk about. It quickly became evident to me that God had worked in us independently to address issues that the pastors in the Tororo region needed to hear. I quickly realized that the men had prepared and were going to say things that I was going to say. So at that 4:30 awakening I began to wonder what I was going to talk about. All my “stuff” was already going to be preached. I began bantering around different ideas and came up with a modified outline for my particular teaching time. I also felt compelled to present the gospel clearly and forcefully.

Our day began by being delayed a couple of hours before we were able to get to the conference. As it turned out, that would be normal for our week. Conference start time of 9:00 AM invariably started an hour later. This was obviously by God’s design as this gave extra time for Pastors who had to travel by foot, bicycle or other means to arrive without missing much of the conference. Those pastors that were there when we arrived were already in praise and worship and what an exciting experience that was for us as we walked into the conference hall.

Our schedule for the first day was as follows:

– All To The Glory of God – Scott Ingram

– God’s Sovereignty – Mark Matthews

– You, the Servant of the Most High – Aaron Green

Scott started the conference with a bang and talked about the glory of God as seen throughout all of scripture. He started in Genesis and ended in Revelation showing that all that happened in scripture and thus all that happened today was for God’s ultimate glory.

After Scott spoke, I approached the pulpit with a sense of awe. I was about to embark on a new adventure for me. Never had I ever had the privilege of speaking to other pastors who were overseers of churches. I spoke on God’s Sovereignty in Creation, The Affairs of Men and Over Salvation. After I spoke about that, I moved into the gospel message that flowed out of dealing with God over Salvation. It may seem odd to present the gospel to a group of over 100 pastors but as I said to them, I was under no allusion that all of those present necessarily were genuine believers. My scripture reference used was Matt 7:14ff. Here Christ clearly says that not all who call Him Lord are necessarily in the Kingdom. I then called them toMen's Conference repentance and faith. Unknown to me, but known to God, was a young man outside who was listening in on our message. After I left the stage and went to my seat, we began to sing a song of praise just before breaking for lunch. During the song, that young man approached me and said “Pastor, I want to be saved.” I immediately grabbed a local pastor and they began talking and praying with the young man. It was so exciting to see one transferred from the Kingdom of Darkness to the Kingdom of Light.

We broke for lunch and were picked up and taken back to the hotel. The Pastors stayed and ate at the conference hall. I talked to our guys and said I didn’t feel comfortable doing that and that I wanted to stay and eat with the pastors. All of the guys agreed and we told them upon our return that we wanted to eat with them if they would allow us to. Hoots and Hollers followed that announcement and I must say that eating with the local pastors was a highlight for our guys.

Aaron Green presented the last segment for the day and it was a powerful way to close day one. We were all excited but tired. What a great day we had and we were fired up for the next 3 days. Later that night I found out that the conference we were participating in was the very first one of it’s kind in that region. We were on new ground and the pastors who came to hear us were hungry for the Word of God.

The rest of the conference was broken down as follows:

Day 2

– The Absolute Authority of Scripture – Aaron Green

– The Sufficiency of Scripture – Ben Carrier

– Accurately Handling God’s Word – Mark Matthews

– Preach the Word – God’s Mandate for Effective Ministry – Scott Ingram

Day 3

You May Be the Pastor, But You’re Still a Husband – Aaron Green

The Husband – God’s Design for the Husband – Paul Lehmkuhl

The Family – A Picture of Christ and His Church – Mark Matthews

The Family – God’s Design for the Family – Ben Carrier

Day 4

Christ is the Head, Not You – Paul Lehmkuhl

The Pastor’s Role – Mark Matthews

All To The Glory of God – Scott Ingram

Each of the days was marked by a real sense of excitement and the obvious presence of God’s Holy Spirit. Each message was received with joy by the pastors of Uganda and they were begging for more. I have never witnessed a group hungrier for the clear teaching of God’s Word. At this point let me just say that their source of teaching is primarily the extreme television preachers that flood the airwaves of the world. When God’s Word was opened in front of those men they were ready and anxious. It was truly a Bible teacher’s paradise.

One of the highlights for me was to hear the men during question and answer times ask serious and deep questions. These pastors were thinking through what we had been teaching them from God’s Word and were anxious to ask questions for clarification. I thrived on that aspect of the conference because we realized at that point that we were clearly presenting what God had intended those men to hear.

During the conference, the week following and after returning home, I was and am still hearing about how God used our team to minister to those pastors. They have reported revival in their personal lives, their families and in their churches.

On behalf of the team of men that went I offer this prayer to our Father in Heaven:

“Thank you LORD for allowing us to be a part of Your work in Uganda. We are truly humbled before You.”

Mark Matthews

Men’s Ministry Report

by Paul Lehmkuhl

When I decided to go to Uganda, I wondered how God could use me. I knew that I enjoy teaching kids in AWANA the truths of God’s Word, but I wasn’t sure about how He’d use me with a group of men. Even as I sat the first couple of days and listened and learned from the guys that went first, I still wasn’t sure. As person after person started out using the almost identical scripture references as I had felt led to use, I realized  that it was His Holy Spirit using all of us to reach and teach these men. It was so humbling at times that it brought tears a couple of times (quickly wiped away) to realize that as cracked as my own “clay pot” is, the God of all creation would see fit to use ME! (Praise God). What an absolute honor!I was nervous for sure but had peace knowing that He would lead and show me at the time what my part would be. When you could see all the scriptures being used independently again and again by individuals who had prepared their own lessons apart from each other, it was amazing!

To get to be used in the visit to the prison was good too. God’s still working things in my heart to use acts of love with others and not necessarily “preaching” to others as Pastor Saphan does in the prisons. Kind of like “they will know we are Christians by our love” type thing.

Passing out the mosquito nets, glasses ant ties was a real blessing, too, as well as sharing some things with all the children at the schools. (You can KEEP the mud holes in the road.)

I don’t know what the future holds, but I had a great time going to Uganda with the team. I miss all of you/them so much.

Michelle and I shared our pictures last Sunday morning at our church on a DVD power point type presentation (25 min. given to us); we, wore our matching clothing, too. People were so interested and excited about it! Our service had several visitors there to see it as well and 2 people came forward and got saved! Wow! Praise God for that!

It was so good to see the excitement of other Christians living for God (the Ugandans) i.e.: Pastor Ruth, Pastor Steven, Pastor Saphan, Agnes and Irene (Head of Uganda’s Prison Fellowship). I hated to leave but it was good to get home, too.

Paul Lehmkuhl

Men’s Ministry Report

by Aaron Green

On June 19th, I traveled with HGIM to Uganda. This was my first experience traveling to Africa or internationally. While in Uganda I had the opportunity to participate in both an educational conference and a men’s conference with pastors and other church leaders. Our team also visited several schools and held a youth rally and visited a women’s prison.I was encouraged by the receptiveness of the people to God’s Word and I was moved by their need for Bibles in their language. This week a friend shared with me that his dad has identified an mp3 player with various Bible translations that runs on a hand crank for power, I will be following up with him regarding this.

There were so many ways this trip and this experience have ministered to me in my life many of which I am still processing through, some of which have been on my heart for a while:

· The importance and impact of scripture in our personal growth and

maturity in Christ

·    The impact of scripture in our effectiveness in life in general

I am humbled by the scarcity that exists, but I am encouraged by the work, effort and attitude of service that we experienced.

A hearty thank you to those who worked to put all of this together and continued Praise to our Father who enables us to do what we do and be who we (be). (Added for educational emphasis.)

Aaron Green

God used the men to deliver much needed messages using the Bible as the foundation for all teaching.  As you can tell, the reception was overwhelming. The Holy Spirit moved among the men from both Uganda and the US.We’re thrilled to report that another conference is already in the beginning stages of planning for next year.  What a testimony to Gods power through His Word!

I’m in awe of how God used each man throughout the entire trip.  There was an amazing sense of unity and brotherhood as they bonded together and worked together to accomplish God’s will.

Thank you to each of your for your prayers and support.  I pray these updates will encourage you and help you understand how important  your role was and continues to be in the ministry that took place while we were in Uganda.  Your prayers were felt and your support went far to make sure every need was met, both budgeted and unbudgeted.  Thank you!

Sharlyn Guthrie will be sharing a report on the Teacher’s Conference in our next newsletter.  God is moving in Uganda and in the lives of the men and women who dared to respond to God’s call to “Go into all the whole and preach the Gospel to every creature.”

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