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Out of Focus

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Today when I started to open my Bible and read, I realized that my glasses needed cleaning.  I turned 50 this year. I had my 1st traffic ticket, flat tire, hit a deer and I had my 1st ride in a tow truck. Actually, my life must have seemed uneventful to others before now.

I also had to get glasses-with bifocals. I have squeezed by for several years with the reading ones. I started out with prescription glasses but after a year or so I needed stronger ones. They are quite expensive for only 1/2 a lens. So… someone told me to go to Wal-Mart and get the $1 kind. Well it must have been awhile since they were there because when I went to Wal-Mart they were $10. Maybe they needed glasses to see the x-tra zero! I did this for several years, but my eyes weren’t the only thing getting fuzzy-my memory was too. I always seemed to be misplacing ‘stuff ‘(I didn’t lose things) I just misplaced them.

One day I was at Save-a-lot and I noticed they had the same reading glasses I was paying $10.00 for just $1.00. Wow!  I could have lots of spares. I would keep them in strategic places, with my Bible, in my purse, by the phone. So I bought spares – five of them. This was fine; until this year. I went to slide my glasses up on the top of my head and there was already a pair there!

My husband and daughter insisted that I get real glasses. I caved into their pressure and I got my first pair of real glasses with bi-focals, the kind you have wear all the time. It was an adjustment. Once I began wearing my glasses all the time, I realized how out of focus everything had been.  My glasses now brought things into focus.

Life is like that. Until we give our lives to Jesus- we think we are seeing clearly, but when the Holy Spirit dwells in our hearts, we begin to understand and see God’s perspective (focus) on things. The Bible says, Gods thoughts are higher than our thoughts-His ways are higher than our ways.

Also with my new glasses, I could only see clearly when I was looking directly at something. In Proverbs, God tells us not to look to the right or the left, but to look straight ahead-keep our focus on Him.

The last thing I realized was how I had taken the precious gift of sight for granted for so many years. All my life I could turn my head-look up & down-look quickly out of the corner of my eyes and see…  Now I have to wait until my eyes are in focus with my bi-focals.

Psalms 139 says were fearfully and wonderfully made. I now make it a point to thank my loving Heavenly Father for His precious gift of sight & I am grateful for all the years that I had clear vision.

When I started to read this morning & had to clean my glasses, it was because they were soiled from yesterday. I get up and clean them every morning, first thing. That is how it is with my spirit. Yesterdays can spoil our spirits and we need to clean our spiritual eyes (our hearts) before we start the day. Reading God’s Word, the Bible and prayer cleanses our hearts and helps us to see clearly. Because God’s Word is alive, quick & powerful (I Timothy) it will accomplish its purpose. The Holy Spirit will help us keep a pure heart before the Lord.

So as I clean my glasses each day to see this world more clearly, I bend my knee and ask God to search my heart (Psalm 51) so that I may see Him more clearly.


Linda Kropp got saved at 14.  ” I always say that I didn’t get into a lot of trouble…because my mom wouldn’t let me!”  Linda was a was a missionary from 1973-1985 in the States, Europe and Asia, 9 of those in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Her husband was in the same mission, “Christ is the Answer” and they were married in Sri Lanka in 1980.

They have one daughter, Elisabeth, a son-in-law and a 4 yr. old granddaughter and another granddaughter due in July.  They attend College Avenue Baptist Church in Bloomington where they both are Sunday School teachers.  In September of 2009, Linda was praying about a way to help missions and she felt the Lord put on her heart to open a thrift store in Clinton, IL and give 100 % of the profits to missions, crisis pregnancy centers and food pantries. So she did.  They also have a weekly Bible study; a mentoring program for homeschooled and public school students. We work with DOVE (a domestic violence program), the IDHS in Lincoln, and the Red Cross Disaster Relief.  They also have had 69 people commit their lives to Christ since they opened. It has become a ministry…and that is just the ones who have gotten saved. Many people come in daily with prayer needs and they pray for them.

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  1. Linda Kropp says:

    I would like to thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts…and thank you for the encouragment this magazine is! God bless you,
    Linda Kropp

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