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Fret Not Under the Circumstances

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Psalm 37 starts with the words, “Fret not yourself because of evil-doers, nor be envious against workers of iniquity. For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither like a green herb.” Sounds like the Psalmist here, David, was a bit under the circumstances.

I tend to be a fretter, do you? I bet you’re wondering, “I know how to worry; but how do you know when you’re fretting?” You’re a fretter when you find that you’re a sweater; when you fritter, when you fume, and get bitter; when you’re agitated,  fumigated; vexed, feeling hexed, and thoroughly perplexed; when your worry makes you blurry, fear turns to sour, surly, squirrely; when you’re down, double-dare-down, lost your upside down frown, and you start making dumb rhymes . . . okay?

Listen, God knows it all. He understands. This is the stuff of life. So how will we proactively deal with the situations, the bad news, the workers of iniquity, the hard times and set-backs of life? Good News! We don’t even have to try to figure it out! Let’s simplify the verses that come after Psalm 37:1 and 2. Verses 3-8 describe our stance.

Under the Circumstances? Get Over It . . .

1. “Trust in the Lord and continue to do good” (now that’s proactive! Gets your mind off yourself, too)

2. “Delight yourself in the Lord” (this takes faith ’cause you don’t feel like it. Results: mind on God, source of your solution!)

3. “Commit your ways to him . . . yes, trust him” (oooo, no fret here, no foothold for it, step by step)

4. “Rest in the Lord” (ahem, don’t fret) “and patiently wait” (yeah, right . . . I mean, yes, Lord. It’s an active process)

5. “Get rid of your anger and forsake wrath” (gulp . . . does that mean forgive, too? Uh, I guess so. . . only God can handle wrath . . . it’s just too hot)

Hot Psalms: One remarkable reason, among many that we have. the Psalms in the Bible is that God knows that life is difficult, messy and very often unfair! His promise is: help is on the way. The psalmists chronicled their human thoughts and feelings in the midst of the best and worst. And right there in that journaling process, God met them in spirit and provided wisdom, comfort, instruction, correction, direction, strength, and deliverance. Now we get to read all about it—and if we’re smart, we’ll jump in and learn how to live that way, too. Life may require a proactive stance, but just know that God has already provided the place to put your feet, to take your stand. There in His footsteps, under the circumstances, you’ll be so over them.

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