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by Colin Moffett

One starry night; one blinding light
One message given long ago
One angel voicing; one host rejoicing
One revelation that shepherds were first to know

In the night air cold; good tidings told
Ringing from the realms of Heaven
What wondrous story; from eternal glory
A gift to sinners freely given

One stable stall; one baby small
One mother watching as He lay
One manager bed; one little head
One redeemer for sinners sleeping on the hay

But though just born; the sun of morn
Arose each day at His will
And the moon of night; give her light
For it was the Son of God lying quiet and still

One so young; one life begun
One hope He gives to mankind
One cross for Him; one death so grim
One way to Calvary always on His mind

He became the least; in the home of beast
His throne exchanged for bed of straw
Jesus His name; and when the shepherds came
It was the King of kings who they saw

One I Am; one sacrificial Lamb
One mediator between God and man
One to know; one way to go
One door to Heaven in salvation’s plan

From God in Heaven; this gift was given
He offers to you His precious Son
Wrapping paper on the floor; gifts galore
Yet you have nothing if you have not this One

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Meet Colin Moffett:

I live in the beautiful country of N. Ireland. My home is near the village of Portglenone in Co Antrim; famous for its green glens and the breathtaking scenery along its winding coast road lapped by the mighty Atlantic Ocean. I have been married to my lovely wife Marlene for thirty years and have two grown up sons; Steven and Gregory. We live in a house in the countryside where I spend a lot of time in the garden. I have been saved for over forty years and the Lord has been a constant companion and friend all that time. Have not told you my age because my wife Marlene is as old as I am. Our birthdays are only one day apart. So you see; if you knew my age you would know Marlene’s; and you know what women are like about people knowing that! Thank you for taking time to read this and I hope you enjoy my poetry.

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