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One Step Forward, Three Steps Back

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One Step Forward, Three Steps Back
By Betty Overstreet


I am meeting myself coming and going…… I will do that in a minute…………………… Now where was I before………………..….
One step forward and three steps back. Wow, I sometimes felt as though I would never accomplish anything. I just kept starting one project and then another and just couldn’t stay focused.

It seemed as though I just could not concentrate on any one thing because there were always so many things and people demanding my time and energy. There were times when I felt I couldn’t get off the merry-go-round. But that was BILGALG.

I was probably better organized back in the olden days. The days when I had four children to raise, each going in different directions, each needing me to always be there for them. I also had a husband who insisted on dinner at 6:00pm, bedtime at 9:00 pm, and be sure and rise early enough to have his breakfast cooked and lunch pail packed. During those years, I had no choice, I had to be Super Mom and Perfect Housewife.

The years passed, my children grew up and left home and I found myself working full time.  Then one day, God told me He wanted me to write for Him. I thought, “how in the world can I fit in time to write a book?”  I work all day five days a week, on Saturday I have to do my shopping, then Sunday comes around and I have to go to Church and spend some time with the kids and grandkids. How in the world can I find time to write? I don’t even know how to write a book.

Well, I finally decided I had to set aside some time just for writing, like, how about every night from 7:00-9:00. Oh sure, that is the time of night when everyone who works all day calls me to see how my life is going. Or they call to see if I can take care of preparing the communion for Sunday morning, or well, you get the picture. Seems my idea wasn’t working, but God was still nudging me to write that book.

“Dear Lord, I need your help. I really want to follow your plan for my life but I don’t know how to fit it in with everything else that is going on right now. I tried setting aside a time to write each night but it just doesn’t seem to work. What can I do?”


“Betty, you only have to ask and I will guide you. When you feel the urge to write for Me, talk to Me first. Let Me know you need help-all you need to do is focus on Me. Whatever the task-Focus on Me and I will guide you through”.

BILGALG –Before I Let Go And Let God.

Well, after that little exchange of thoughts I figured, Lord if you want me to bother You all the time, then get ready for lots of prayers for help.

I began by trying to decide a time to set aside, for writing. I prayed for guidance and it became very clear to me to just wait about an hour later and the phone calls would cease. If anyone called that late and it wasn’t an emergency I would return the call the next day.
As each problem arises now I always try to remember to just say a quick prayer asking for guidance and now, several years later, I have published three books. This is certainly proof if you ask for help, The Lord will provide. I couldn’t have done this without His help.
I now realize I was trying to do everything myself. I was taking on responsibilities that were far too much for one person. I now Pray when I think of starting a new project to be sure it is something God wants me to do. Then I pray for Him to give me the strength and knowledge to totally focus on the project at hand. And finally, I pray for Him to guide me every step of the way to complete the task His way, not mine.

Focus, Focus, Focus. I am seldom trapped on a merry-go-round these days and when I find myself spinning around I just LGALG (Let Go And Let God) because now I am God’s Gal and my focus is on Him.

When I feel my life is spinning like a Circus carousel When every task I commit to seems about to fail I find a quiet place and pray for help from above I know my problems will be solved , I feel my Saviors love

I feel His arms around me providing me with peace I feel my problems slip away, all worry seems to cease My circus carousel no longer spins around Jesus is my refuge, My focus has been found.

My name is Betty Alawine Overstreet. I am really excited! I now have one of my books, Arkansas Rain, available as an EBOOK on Faithwriters.com. Check it out I think you will enjoy going to my Grandparents farm for a visit. I began writing for God a few years ago when He began to guide me to live for Him.

In addition to my writing I am also a vocalist. My husband, Gary, and I travel to various Senior Assisted Care facilities and entertain with Country Western and Gospel music. We are also excited about entertaining at churches when they need music for Luncheons, dinners, or just an afternoon or night of good old-fashion Gospel Music.

We have 4 daughters and 2 sons who have given us 14 grandchildren and five great grandchildren. I am so thrilled that our awesome God has chosen me to write for Him. Being a skeptic of the fact that He speaks to people I was extremely surprised when I heard His voice as He said, “Write your poetry, write inspirationally and it will be published”. I have since published four–Yes, four!-books. My first is The Lord Still Speaks, are you listening, followed by Water to Wine, 2 Fish to a Feast and Mistletoe Memories & Sugarplum Dreams. The latest is a book of poetry depicting my journey from using God as a crutch when I was in trouble to the life I share with him today! Check them out at my website: http://bettyoverstreet.com

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