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One Soul

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One Soul by Nicoletta Curtis

I often ponder things, probably deeper than I should.  I try to see how things fit together, and what explanation there is for certain things happening in my life.  Not that every single thing that we walk through we get that “Aha!” moment where we see God’s fingerprints on how He used that pain we walked through.

I have endured a lot of pain in one certain relationship in my life.  I have loved beyond human measure, and endured things from this person that I never thought possible.  All the while, God whispering that I should love them even though they don’t deserve it.  I have poured out “seeds” of truth, praying over them in determined hope that God answers prayers.  I have dealt with the rejection and betrayal of this person…with grace and dignity extending friendship when they didn’t deserve it.

This person accepted Christ as a young person, but has walked away from God in big big ways.  Finally…he went to church after God pointing him to church ( I don’t want glory, I just planted His seeds).  After my pleading with them that the ONLY way to clean up their life, and to be able to know peace, is to go to the ONE and only source of Peace!  I was so joyful when I heard he went to church again and that he is trying to get back on the right path. 

The added joy is this.  That person has another friend who hasn’t been to church.  (MAYBE his whole life).  My friend told him that he had gone to church on Sunday, then a few days later, that friend called him and asked if they could go to church together on Sunday! 

I know that this has all worked together for His glory.  I am praying over this unsaved man as he steps into church this week.  Will he accept the Gospel message?? I don’t know, it is in God’s hands, but he WILL encounter it.

I look back at all the hurt, disappointment and rejection that I endured trying to help my friend back to Christ……and you know what?? It was worth every tear for just one soul!  I would do it again!  Jesus endured SO much rejection here on earth.  How should our lives be any different.  But when faced with rejection….did He get His feelings hurt, and go cower in the corner and lick His wounds? NO! He continued on the path that God had given Him, with stone-faced determination to full-fill His destiny!! WOW!! To be able to do the same

What is God asking you to endure for Him.  Please don’t look at each and every situation as you fighting against that PERSON, but against flesh and blood.  The battle we are fighting is NOT against flesh and blood, but against the enemy.  Keep fighting the good fight, and standing in hope today………even just for ONE SOUL!!!

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