Thursday, January 18, 2018

No Safer Place

We, as Believers, are one Body in Christ.  Let’s train our children to have a global focus when we think about witnessing, giving, and using our gifts. Please remember to pray for the lost souls in India and other lands and also for your brothers and sisters who minister there.
No Safer Place to Be…

Boy, do I hate leaving my children~ even to do God’s work. I am not a perfect mother by any stretch of the imagination, but I do hate to leave my “babies” in the care of anyone else. I miss then tremendously when we are apart. I am thankful for many good friends who pitch in to make sure they are taken care of and their needs are met, when I have to travel. Thank you, my internet friends, for praying for them as well.

The flurry of getting the office and the children’s matters ready is always a lot to contend with but adding the death of my dear Grandma actually helped to keep things in focus. Nothing is more important than bringing others to Christ; death may come at any time. Grandma was an exceptional woman of God, faithful in all things.   I will miss her and do miss Grandpa and have been blessed with a Christian heritage and foundation.

There are many wonderful memories of this beautiful couple that I have been blessed and honored to call Grandma and Grandpa.One shot of our plane ride was full of turbulence.   Many managed to sleep through parts of it and I was already in prayer as the plane bobbed up and down through the sky. I wasn’t frightened at all. I love the flight through the sky. It reminds me of our faith in God, how we don’t always understand everything but we just know it is going to work together to complete a purpose.

I was thanking God for His presence and looked out the window to see the separation between earth and the sky. The sky was full of stars and such a beautiful testimony to the God of creation.I know that I am in God’s hands, as are the children. I go in perfect peace and as the plane bobs in the sky, I am reminded that there is no safer place to be, than in the middle of the will of God

Dancing In the Streets…

One of our main purposes is to edify the Body of Christ. We have been holding Pastor’s conferences as a way to reach out to our Brothers and Sisters and to offer what strength and encouragement and teaching that we are able to and to introduce them one to another and encourage a building of spiritual relationships with their Indian Brothers and Sisters. This trip we began our time of ministry with the Pastor’s Conferences. 

Conferences were held over a period of three days. The Spirit of God was there in a sweet and refreshing way the first session. God was unifying us with our Indian Brothers and Sisters. The conference was just incredible. Many were touched and moved to a point of total surrender and re-commitment to God, others received the joy that had been lost and once again found the strength that God provides. There was a solemn move of the Spirit as our team ministered about leadership, commitment, surrender, holding on, all that Jesus is, and much more.

The Church was full with at least 287 Pastors in attendance. We left the Pastors with tracts and material for new shirts and a nice travel bag. We also allowed the Pastor’s to take Bibles for distribution in their villages. The Pastor’s were so excited and encouraged that they were seen dancing in the streets as they left the conference area. A funny thing always happens when we minister under the anointing, we go to teach and we learn, we go to bless and we are blessed, we go to encourage and we are encouraged! Praise be to the Lover of our Soul!!


As we flew home from India I was praying about the seeds that God had planted there. I was looking at the sky (heavens) and the earth far below us. At times the ocean looked just like the clouds, billowing and rolling. Sometimes the clouds looked like snow peaked mountains and at other times, like waves rolling up onto a beach. While looking at this I was reminded that we pray “on earth, as it is in heaven” and often times we accomplish in the heavens (spiritual realm) before it is apparent in the earthly (natural).  

As we entered a thick fog in Chicago, I had to wonder if God was winking at me about His glory being seen in the earth.   I am excited about being used by Him, being molded by Him, and especially about future trips to foreign lands, flying through the clouds and seeing the parallel between the sky and the earth and planting in the spiritual realm and seeing the seeds bear spiritual fruit in the natural person. Oh how precious to be His and His alone.

More thoughts…

How much more can be accomplished for Him if we were to keep our focus on Him. Psalm 1:1-3 “ Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stands in the path of sinners, nor sits in the seat of the scornful: But his delight is in the law of the Lord, and in His law he meditates day and night. He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that brings forth its fruit in its season, whose leaf also shall not wither; and whatever he does shall prosper.”Dear Lord, as we prepare to go as You direct us, let us be covered by Your Spirit. Keep our families safe, comfort them, lead them to Your Word for encouragement and direction. Let them see the value of eternal seed. Lord, prepare the ears and hearts of those to whom we shall speak.

Bless and protect Your people who help each other to accomplish Your will. Our hearts are burdened for the lost, Lord, and our hearts are so encouraged by Your goodness and by the love shown to us by Your people in other lands. Lord, we love Your people and we ask that You bless them—bless them in the things that matter the most, Lord, bless them in wisdom, in joy, in peace, in good health…  spiritual and physical, bless them as they sow into the eternal. Fill us with Your Word, Lord and let us daily live to please You. We love You, Lord, and we are so thankful to be Your children. Help us to be edifying to Your Body and for Your glory alone. In Jesus Name, amen.

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