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No Free Lunch

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No Free Lunch By Jeanice McDade, Senior Editor

Go Tell the World

As a woman who has been “over my recommended body weight” for more than 20 years now, I have seen a lot of fitness articles and diet crazes pass through the minds of Americans. I have only seriously tried to lose weight once in my life, where I lost a great deal of weight, only to put half of it back on. I find myself wanting to lose the other half and have been pondering old habits and mindsets.
I have mountains of fitness magazines, cookbooks and fitness books (on sale, of course) even diet products in my pantry (unopened for the most part), and a membership to the premo health club in town.   I am still fat. “Why is that?”, I have wondered. It is apparent to me that I cannot do this alone. I have heard that dieting is more effective with support. Yes, I need a diet buddy and a workout partner! I always think I can handle everything myself… so capable and in control (yawn), but this time the facts scream loudly from areas that protrude and bounce.
Ah, enlisting the children… a sound idea! This should be a family project anyway!! We all need to lose some weight Diet ~ A Family Affairand improve our lifestyle and health. What a wonderful idea!!
Progress… down a few pounds already!   You know what? I actually like to exercise. It isn’t a burden for me to go to the gym. Perhaps this is different from some, but I even like to get tired and to feel sore a couple of days after having a “good” workout! I like the shake and the burn.   However, I DO let other things crowd my workout sometimes and more often than not, the quality of the workout suffers because of other things on my mind or list of things to do. Still, the personal instructor at the gym tells me that my heart rates in the “excellent” category and that I am a “power house” with the weights.
Somedays I eat much of nothing at all, somedays I eat whatever I want to. I am still fat. I am not crying over a few pounds here or there or a problem “area”, when I say FAT, I mean it. I guess I never really learned how to eat correctly (duh). I don’t know much about how foods fit together for optimal fitness.
I have thought that perhaps the days of little eating and the days of good exercise might work together toward the weight loss. Hmmm, sadly mistaken (for the most part). I have ideas about perseverance and more drastic this and that but suddenly (ding, ding) it came to me… I am not my own.
Yep, for sure I need help, but it isn’t from magazines or diet buddies or workouts with my kids. I have forgotten that Jesus is the lover of my soul. Where is my conviction about my body being His temple? Wow! All that God has done for me and I can not even put an effective effort into this when there is really little mystery about what works! God has graced me with good health, there is no excuse for the mass of flab that I CHOOSE to carry.  The most amazing thing is that I have left God out of this equation. Why is it that I always make a list and develop a plan and figure that I can do this and that!?!?!? Not this time, the results are in… my final answer, I need You, Lord!! I give this to You and I will work at this for You!!   Part of my conviction, Lord, part of my consecration… Your temple, Lord.
Clarity. Purpose.  Relief. To be continued…

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