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Feasts of Weeks

We are nearing the end of the Spring Festivals or Feasts in Israel and I want to illustrate them with a drawing I’ve done. I think it will put them into perspective and help you visualize the wondrous planning of the Lord, thousands of years ago!!  I hope you get as excited as I do when you see the exactness of His institutions, which point to Yeshua as Ha Mashiach-Jesus the Messiah!

Yeshua- the Passover Lamb. Pesach begins on the 14th and ends on the 21st of the month of Nissan–a seven-day feast. It was on the eve of the 14th, after having taken Passover earlier with His disciples, that Jesus was led away and given a mock trial. As the Passover lamb was slain at 3 pm, so Jesus was crucified and gave up His life. What is interesting, is that the priest would have held up the shed blood of the Pesach lamb and said, “It is finished!” The 15th of Nissan is a special Shabbat. Jesus was taken down and quickly laid in the tomb before the High Sabbath began.

Yeshua- the Unleavened Bread. Jesus was in the grave from the beginning of the 15th, which is the end of the 14th day, to the 17th. It is believed He rose from the grave at the end of the 16th day just as the 17th day began, but it wasn’t discovered until dawn- the first day of the week (Sunday) after the second Shabbat that year. Remember, Jewish days are from sundown to sundown.

Something of interest about the 17th of Nissan:

  • Noah’s ark rests on Mt. Ararat – Genesis 8:4
  • Moses leads the Israelites through the Red Sea – Exodus 3:18-5:3
  • The walls of Jericho fall – Joshua 5:13
  • The Jews in Persia are delivered from Haman’s plot to destroy them– Esther 3:12-5:1

Yeshua-the First Fruits of the redeemed. Jesus presented Himself to the Father as the first fruits from the dead–the first of a future resurrection. The presenting of the first sheaf of barley grain (set apart in the field and representing the whole crop) was brought to the priest and waved before the altar as a wave offering. It was on this day (the first day of the week after Shabbat) that they counted 50 days–Counting of the Omer–until the Feast of Shavuot, or the wheat harvest. In Leviticus 23:15 and Deuteronomy 16:9, God told Israel they were to count seven weeks from the day of First Fruits and then on the morrow, celebrate the Feast of Weeks, or Shavuot. Seven sevens is 49 plus the next day, or 50 days. This is the same day that the children of Israel came to Mount Sinai to hear the Word of the Lord. It is another seven day festival, the second of three, where the first-born men of Israel were to present themselves at the Temple. The third is on Rosh HaShana, the feast of Tabernacles.

Yeshua sent the Holy Spirit on the Feast of Weeks (Shavuot, Hebrew for Harvest, also called Pentecost, Greek for Fifty). It is no coincidence that the Holy Spirit fell on the gathered Believers on this particular day. It was the first day of the week after the last of seven Shabbats. It is the same day that the Law was given on Mt. Sinai.

Two noteworthy facts: At the first presentation of the two tablets, three thousand were killed for their unbelief and participation in the worship of the golden calf. At Pentecost, three thousand were saved, as they believed in the risen Lord. Also, at the beginning of harvest or the Feast of First Fruits, a sheaf of barley was taken to the Temple as a wave offering. On the Feast of Weeks, at the end of the harvest, the Israelites brought two loaves of bread–loaves baked with leaven, a symbol of sin. The two loaves represented Jews and Gentiles, made one through the work of Yeshua on the cross and the coming of the Holy Spirit. Ephesians 2:11-22.

The Feast of Weeks concludes the Spring Festivals of the Lord. It was all planned out in exact detail and given to the Israelites as types and shadows of what was to come. There is so much depth that a short study like this doesn’t do it justice. I hope you will study on your own about these feasts and discover how Jesus-Yeshua fulfilled them on their exact days. It is mathematically beyond coincidence or happenchance…it is miraculous, but then, He is a God of miracles, isn’t He?

Mid Stutsman is a mother of twelve children and “Nana” to ten beautiful grandchildren. She lives with her husband, Fred, on their Centennial family farm in Northern Indiana. God’s amazing love is the breath of inspiration for her artwork and the passion behind her writing.

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