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Moment By Moment ~

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When did it begin,
and when will it end ?
How did it start
was God ALWAYS my Friend?

… Moment by Moment ?

In dawn’s early light,
and the depths of the night;
was I EVER alone
as I stood or took flight?

…Moment by Moment ?

When my heart began beating
and at last becomes still,
will You stay with me always;
can we act out Your Will ?

… Moment by Moment ?

As my eyes become dim
and these limbs easily tire;
will YOU bear me on Wings
from the quicksand and mire?

… Moment by Moment ?

In my youth I was proud
and for Power did strain;
allowing Pride to seduce…
but success was in vain !

… Moment by Moment !

I’ve strained at the leash
like a wild captive creature,
seeking to run from the Love
of the only True Teacher !

… Moment by Moment !

Let my foolishness end;
let me treat it like dross.
Let obedience consistently
respond to the Cross !

… Moment by Moment !

Before I ever was made
and by flesh was conceived;
Did You determine at heart
To die for my need ?

… Moment by Moment?

Jesus come now and quickly;
change our likeness to yours.
we are dying from pain
of Earth’s sin-ridden flaws !

… Moment by Moment !

Jesus will soon wrap up
this broken worlds’ state.
It’s almost the end !
It’s almost too late !
Will you now seize this moment,
and surrender your life
to the Christ who will transform
your torment and strife?

Walk with Him … Eternally… …

…Moment by Moment !


Robin Aldrich was born near to the City of York in England and his forbears are hill farmers.
He was always keen on writing and regularly contributed to local newspapers in his teens, following in the footsteps of his mother and grandfathe; the whole family enjoyed creating poetry. Robin won several awards for creative writing at school
He became a Born-Again Christian at seventeen and commenced to evangelise every home in the small town of Blyth, Northumberland, England by means of tracts, which he also distributed to those waiting for the Bingo halls to open. At the same time, he lead his mother, father and grandfather to Christ.
He spent some time in Cliff College ( Derbyshire, England ) and in the Faith Mission Training Home and Bible College in Edinburgh, Scotland.  He has shared in leadership in churches in England and Canada and is married to Ruth; a retired nurse. Robin followed careers in the British Civil Service and as an Insurance Broker in Canada.  Robin and Ruth have four children and three grandchildren and live in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada  
 Robin currently has a facebook page titled Witness Stand

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